Sri Lanka Visa for Indian Citizens

Thanks to the Sri Lankan Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), it’s easier than ever before for Indian citizens to visit their neighbour to the South, Sri Lanka. Read on to learn how to apply online.

Sri Lanka Visa for Indian Citizens
Sri Lanka visa for Indian citizens is available online for all passport holders. ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) is an electronic travel document that allows all Indian citizens to cross the Sri Lanka border safely and issue-free. For only 69 Euro, all travellers can choose between three e-Visa to Sri Lanka types.

Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) can be used for tourism, business, and transit purposes. Sri Lanka's e-Visa is not a working permit.

The Government of Sri Lanka first introduced the system in 2012. Since then, Indian citizens, amongst other countries, can obtain their visa permits entirely online. File an application from the comfort of your home within a few minutes!

Sri Lanka visa for Indian citizens types

Thanks to the Sri Lankan Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA), it's easier than ever before for Indian citizens to visit their neighbour to the South. There are three types of ETA available for Indian citizens travelling to and through Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka visa types:

  1. Tourist visa: used for all tourism purposes, such as exploring Sri Lanka and its tourist destinations, making visits to friends/family living there, going on a relaxing holiday.
  2. Business visa: designated for all Indian travellers who need to attend a business meeting/conference, negotiate a contract, or take care of their business affairs in Sri Lanka.
  3. Transit visa: is a single entrance visa that allows a 2-day stay in Sri Lanka. Serves for travellers who want to transit through Sri Lanka to another country. The transit visa is valid for 180 days (six months from issuing).

The Tourist ETA and the Business ETA are both double-entry permits. These visas are valid for 6 months from the ETA issue and allow two visitsto Sri Lanka. Each one can be 30 days long.

Please note! The second entrance to Sri Lanka needs to occur within the first month of entering the country for the first time.

Requirements for Indian citizens filing an application for the Sri Lanka ETA

To make your Sri Lanka ETA application successful, all Indian citizens should have two essential documents described in this section. Obtain an obligatory visa permit to travel to Sri Lanka without any issues upon arrival.

Sri Lanka visa for Indians requires the applicants to have the following when making an application:

  • a passport that will be valid for the next six months from the planned date of arrival in Sri Lanka
  • an active e-mail address to be able to receive the PDF version of your Sri Lanka ETA

Your visa to Sri Lanka can be extended to a maximum of six months. Indian citizens wishing to do that need to contact the Immigration Office directly.

Any changes to your Indian passport, losing this document, or its' expiry lead to ETA becoming invalid, as both documents are connected.

How can Indian citizens make an application for a visa to Sri Lanka?

All passport holders with an active e-mail address can visit Sri Lanka once they have applied for the ETA permit. Indian citizens can enter Sri Lanka through any preferred port of entry.

To obtain a visa (ETA) online, follow this 3-step process:

  1. Start the visa application process by clicking the 'Apply Online' button located on this website's right-hand side. Fill in an online application form by putting in your data, details about your trip to Sri Lanka, your passport details, and an e-mail address.
  2. Pay the visa fee (69 Euro for all visa to Sri Lanka types) using any of the numerous online payment methods available on our website.
  3. Check your inbox for your unique confirmation number. ETA to Sri Lanka arrives at your inbox within a maximum of 72 hours ( 3 business days).

Please note! The ETA processing fee is the same for each visa to Sri Lanka type. All Indian citizens that hold a valid passport need to pay a fee of 69 Euro.

What are the benefits of using ETA versus a traditional Embassy visa?

Grant yourself an issue-free entry in Sri Lanka using an electronic visa permit that is obtainable in an effortless way. All you have to have is a valid passport. There are no queues, no excessive periods of waiting for your visa to be issued, and no Embassy visits.

Here are the main ETA benefits for all Indian nationals who decide to make an application using our services:

  • a 23-hour average processing time
  • our team of experts carefully checking each application to ensure it's error-free before submitting it further for approval
  • a 99% rate of all successfully approved applications
  • a support team available to all Indian citizens via mail and phone on each step of applying
  • the entire process can be completed online from home

Evisa Express: You take care of your trip; we take care of your visa

Apply for a Sri Lanka visa for Indian citizens today and make your dream trip come true!

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