eTA Canada (eVisa)

eTA Canada: Basic Information

eTA Canada (Electronic Travel Authorization) is a system used to pre-screen travelers who wish to enter Canada by air for tourism, business, or transit. The eTA system has been in place since May 2016.

Its goal is to exempt foreign nationals from eligible countries from the potentially complicated and time-consuming process of obtaining a traditional Embassy visa, and to make travel to Canada easier.

Obtaining an eTA is certainly simpler and less expensive than obtaining a traditional visa. The eTA application process takes place entirely online, from filling out the application to paying the fee (49 euro).

The processing time has been reduced from weeks (traditional visa) to a maximum of 72 hours (eTA). Many applications are actually approved within minutes. The eTA is a secure and highly recommended form of travelauthorization.

  • Types of eVisa

    Unlike other countries, which might have up to four types of electronic visas (eVisa), Canada keeps it simple with just one. The travel document enables you to travel for purposes of tourism or business. So whether you're looking to enter as a tourist, visit family or friends, attend a conference, or conduct negotiations, Canada's electronic travel authorization could be for you.

    Canada's travel authorization eTA is valid for five years! That means from the moment your application form is approved and your eTA is issued, you have the right to visit Canada. Once you have your Canada eTA, you can stay within the country for up to 6 months per visit. eTA Canada allows multiple entries, so when your 6-month stay is done, you may exit and enter the country again for a renewed 6-month stay. A Canadian eTA costs 49 euro.

    Careful, through - you'll need to make sure that your passport is valid for the entire duration for your eTA. If your passport expires, your eTA does, too! At that point, you'd need to apply for a new eTA with your new, valid passport.

    And please remember - "traveling on business purposes" doesn't mean you have the right to work in Canada generally! If you need to get a job in Canada, you'll need a different type of visa - one only supplied by a Canadian Embassy.

  • List of eligible countries

    Am I eligible? If you can find your country on the list below, then you are likely eligible for an electronic visa from Canada.

    Did you know? For citizens of eligible countries, an eTA for Canada is only needed when you enter the country by air. Travellers from eligible countries entering by land or see do not need a travel authorization eTA! However, all travellers to Canada must be in possession of a biometric passport - whether entering by sea, land, or air.

    Don't see your country on the list? You'll most likely need to obtain a traditional visa (aka "sticker visa" or "stamp Canada visa") from your closest Canadian Embassy.

    List of counties whose citizens are likely eligible for eTA Canada:

    • Andorra
    • Australia
    • Austria
    • Bahamas
    • Barbados
    • Belgium
    • Brazil*
    • Brunei
    • Bulgaria
    • Chile
    • Croatia
    • Cyprus
    • Czech Republic
    • Denmark
    • Estonia
    • Finland
    • France
    • Germany
    • Greece
    • Hong Kong
    • Hungary
    • Iceland
    • Ireland
    • Israel
    • Italy
    • Japan
    • Korea, South
    • Latvia
    • Liechtenstein
    • Lithuania
    • Luxembourg
    • Malta
    • Mexico
    • Monaco
    • Netherlands
    • New Zealand
    • Norway
    • Papua New Guinea
    • Poland
    • Portugal
    • Romania
    • Samoa
    • San Marino
    • Singapore
    • Slovakia
    • Slovenia
    • Solomon Islands
    • Spain
    • Sweden
    • Switzerland
    • Taiwan
    • United Arab Emirates
    • United Kingdom**
    • Vatican City (Holy See)

    Once again, nationals of the countries listed in the above section only need an eTA if entering Canada by air. If you fit the description above and are entering by land or sea, you are visa exempt for the duration of your visit. Of course, you must still abide by the guidelines for length and purpose of stay as other travelers who hold an eTA (see the section titled "eTA Validity Period," below.)

    *Additional requirements for mentioned citizens

    Special advisory for Brazilian nationals: You are eligible for an eTA if you meet one of the enlisted conditions:
    – You are a US Permanent Resident (Green Card holder)
    – You have held a Canadian visa at any point within the 10 years preceding their current visit to Canada
    – Currently hold a US non-immigrant visa

    ** This applies to all British nationals, including those who derive their citizenship through birth, descent, naturalization, or registration in one of the British overseas territories of:

    • Anguilla
    • Bermuda
    • British Virgin Islands
    • Cayman Islands
    • Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
    • Gibraltar
    • Montserrat
    • Pitcairn Island
    • Saint Helena
    • Turks and Caicos Islands

    Other foreign nationals who can apply for an eTA to Canada:

    - US Residents. All lawful permanent residents of the United States who hold a valid Green Card (alien registration card)

    - Taiwanese nationals who possess passports which include the personal identification number of the traveler. These passports must be issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taiwan. The ID number must be included - without it, the passport holder must seem a more traditional travel authorization from a Canadian Embassy

    - People born, naturalized, or registered in Hong Kong, who hold passports issued by the United Kingdom and whose nationality is entered as British National (Overseas)

    - British Subjects who hold passports issued by the United Kingdom with nationality listed as British Subject, and which confirm the holder’s right to reside in the United Kingdom

    - Romanian citizens who hold electronic passports. If an applicant holds a regular passport or temporary one, a regular visa is required

    People who meet one of the requirements described above can apply for an eTA and travel via air only. Under the conditionals that if an applicant intends to travel through land or sea to Canada, a regular visa will be necessary.

    Nationals of the following countries are always visa exempt (do not need to carry an eTA):

    • Canadian citizens or dual Canadian citizens
    • Permanent residents of Canada
    • US citizens
  • eTA Application Form

    At Evisa Express, we do everything we can to make sure that your electronic travel authorization application process is seamless. While filling our your application, you'll need to supply your passport number and other details, as well as the email address that you'll want your approved eTA to be sent to . You won't be asked to submit an actual copy of your passport, so it's extra-important that you double-check that all the information you provide us is correct.

    You can pay your application fee through our secure online system using a debit or credit card. The fee for an eTA is 49 euro.

    Within minutes of submitting your eTA application, you'll receive an email with your personal application confirmation number. The confirmation email will include an estimate of the application processing time - usually a maximum of 72 hours. However, in many cases, the application time is much shorter - 15-30 minutes or so. At Evisa Express, our average processing time for eTA Canada is 16 hours.

    Once your application obtains approval, your Electronic Travel Authorization will be sent directly to the email you provided. You don't need to print it out. It will be assigned to your passport electronically. The only requirement left is to show your valid passport before boarding your flight to Canada.

    Bear in mind - the Canadian government is responsible for the approval of each eTA application. All decisions relating to entry, travellers, and applications rest solely with the Canadian government. As a result, processing time may be extended if the Canadian government deems it necessary.

    Ready to fill our your application form? Locate our application panel on the left. Select "Tourism and/or Business" as the type of travel, then enter your country of citizenship. Finally, click "Apply online" to go to our secure application form.

  • Validity Period

    The Canada eTA is valid for five years, starting from the moment of approval. During that time, travellers are allowed to enter Canada multiple times. Each time you visit Canada, you may stay for up to 6 months; it is not possible to extend this time, though travellers may enter a new 6-month stay simply by leaving Canada, and then making a new entry.

    An important requirement is to make sure that your passport remains valid for the entirety of your visit. If your passport expires during this time, then so will your eTA. It will be necessary to submit a new eTA application before entering Canada again.

  • Transit Information

    Imagine you're not flying into Canada as a tourist or businessperson - all you need to do is transit through the country on your way somewhere else. Do you still need an eTA? Yes! You cannot enter Canada without an eVisa, even if you're just transiting through.

    If you belong to one of the eligible nations on the "List of eligible countries," above, simply fill out an online eTA application in order to receive your eTA Canada.

    If your nationality is not eligible, then it is recommended that you contact the closest Canadian Embassy in order to obtain a traditional visa for your entry.

  • Requirements on Arrival

    Canada has only one requirement for travellers holding approved eTAs: Carry your valid passport as you travel, and show it at the airport when asked by the border authorities.

    There is no need to print your eTA. It will have been assigned to your passport automatically.

    Do I need an eTA? If your country of citizenship is on the "List of eligible countries," above, then you only need an eTA Canada when entering by air. For land or sea, you don't need an eTA. Additionally, some travellers belong to the category of visa exempt foreign nationals, and don't need an eTA under any circumstances. Check our list, above, to find out if you fall into one of these categories.

Required documents

Whether you are a tourist, businessperson, or simply wish to transit through Canada, your electronic travel authorization has the same simple requirement:

  • a valid passport.

This requirement extends to every eligible person wishing to enter Canada by plane, regardless of age (children and infants are not exempt). 

Benefits of Evisa Express

  • Easy application processThere are three easy steps to get your eTA to Canada. Any issues during the application process can be addressed by contacting our support team
  • Qualified team of expertsA qualified team oversees the processing of each and every application
  • Guarantee of serviceIf an application is unable to be processed, reimbursement is provided according to the conditions set out by our Terms of Service

Evisa Express is an independent company that offers efficient and professional assistance in obtaining visas. We are not associated with any governmental agency See Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

FAQ about eTA Canada

  • What is eTA Canada?

    eTA stands for Electronic Travel Authorization. An eTA Canada is an electronic permission that is digitally attached to your passport number in order to clear you for entrance to Canada. eTA is only needed by travellers entering Canada by air.

  • How long is a Canadian eTA valid for?

    Your Canadian eTA is valid for five years from the date of approval. That means you don't need to apply for a new eTA during that time. Each time you enter, you can stay up to 6 months in a row; you can enter and exit as many times as you like. Remember, though, that if your passport expires or changes in any way, your eTA becomes invalid! Keep your passport valid to enjoy a full five years of validity with your eTA.

  • Do I need to print eTA Canada?

    You don't need to print your eTA! It will be digitally assigned to your passport.

  • How much does a Canadian eTA cost?

    The processing fee is 49 euro.

  • What are the requirements for eTA Canada?

    1. You are a citizen from the "List of eligible countries," above.
    2. You are entering Canada by air.
    3. You have a valid passport
    You wish to enter Canada for purposes of tourism, business, or transit.
    That's it!

  • How long does it take for eTA Canada to be approved?

    Applicants should know that it can take up to 72 hours for applications to be approved. However, some approvals come within minutes. Our average time at Evisa Express is 16 hours.

  • How do I apply for an eTA for travel to Canada?

    It's pretty easy to apply - you don't need many documents. All you need is a valid passport showing your citizenship from our "List of eligible countries," above. After that, you can simply fill in our online eTA application form and pay securely online.

  • Can I travel to Canada without an eTA?

    That depends. The following types of traveler can enter Canada without an eTA:
    1. Visa exempt foreign nationals, such as US citizens.
    2. Canadian citizens or dual Canadian citizens, and permanent residents of Canada
    3. Citizens from the "List of eligible countries," above, who are entering Canada by land or sea
    All other travelers must have either an eTA or a traditional Embassy visa to Canada.

  • Can I get an eTA at the airport?

    No! You cannot get an eTA at the airport. You must arrive at the airport of departure with your approved eTA already assigned to your passport. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to board the plane to Canada.

  • Do I need an eTA for connecting flights?

    Yes, you do need an eTA for connecting flights (transiting through Canada) unless you are a US citizen, Canadian citizen or dual Canadian citizen, or a permanent resident of Canada. If you are eligible for an eTA, then you need an eTA to fly through Canada on your way somewhere else. Check the "List of eligible countries," above, to see if you can get an eTA.

  • Can I extend my eTA in Canada?

    You cannot extend your eTA in Canada. When your eTA expires, you must apply for a new one, and you must be outside of Canada in order to do that.

  • Is my eTA linked to my passport?

    Yes, all approved eTAs are automatically, digitally assigned to the passport of the applicant.

  • How can I check my Canadian eTA status?

    After approval, you will receive an email with your eTA expiration date listed on it. If you lose the email, we can provide another copy for you right away.

  • What if my eTA is not approved?

    If your eTA is not approved, double-check whether you are actually eligible. Is your passport valid? Are you applying from outside of Canada? Are you sure you don't already have a valid eTA? Can you find your country of citizenship on the "List of eligible countries," above? If the answer to any of those question is "no," that would be enough to disqualify your application.
    If you are not sure why your eTA was not approved, email our support team. We have a 100% guarantee of service and review every application before submitting it to the Canadian government. If anything on your application obviously disqualifies it from approval (ineligible citizenship, invalid passport, etc), we do not accept it and we refund your money.

  • How long can I stay in Canada with eTA?

    You can stay up to 6 months with each visit. After 6 months, you must leave Canada and reenter for another 6-month stay.

  • Can I apply for an eTA for my child?

    Yes, you can apply for an eTA for your child, and in fact, you must. In order to enter Canada by air, all citizens of eligible nations - even children and infants - must have both a valid eTA and a valid passport. There is no "minimum age" under which children can enter without an eTA.

Three easy steps to get your eTA

  • Apply online Use information from your valid passport to complete one of our online applications
  • Complete your application Make a secure online payment with a debit or credit card, as well as other secure methods of payment
  • Check your emailYour approved eTA will be delivered directly to your account
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