Canada Visa for Citizens of Hong Kong

Canada eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) is a system enabling initial verification of all those traveling to Canada by air.

Hong Kong citizens visiting Canada as tourists, business travelers, or those making a transit stop can enter this North American country with Canadian eTA.

The system has been functioning since 2016, and it aims to facilitate entering the country for these three reasons.

In the past, travelers from most countries willing to visit Canada had to face a complicated, time-consuming standard application process to get a regular visa.

Nowadays, you don't have to worry about stressful embassy interviews and piles of documents waiting for you to be filled.

With eTA, it is possible to visit Canada multiple times throughout its 5-year validity period and stay up to 6 months every time

All citizens of Hong Kong aren't required to apply for a regular visa before visiting Canada, but they do have to obtain an online visa to Canada.

Getting an eTA is a much easier and cheaper way than getting a traditional visa. Choose the more convenient option, fill out an online form, pay 49 EUR and enjoy your eTA delivered to your mail!

How to apply for a Canada eTA visa from Hong Kong?

Firstly, take your passport and sit back, next go to the application form on our website. You don't need more than 15 minutes to complete the application, so you can apply even during a break at work or whatever place you are at the moment.

To submit your application, it is enough to follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Enter the required information using your valid travel document (passport).
  2. Cover eTA fee by choosing one of the available payment methods
  3. Refresh your e-mail and make sure you received a confirmation number, while up to 72 hours, the file with your eTA will arrive in your inbox too.

That's all! Now, you can pack your luggage and make an itinerary!

Canada eTA processing time and fees for Hong Kong citizens


It shouldn't take more than 3 business days to process your Canada eTA application. The even better news is that applicants can often receive their visa approval after a couple of minutes. The average processing time of eTA to Canada estimated by our Evisa Express experts is 16 hours.

Please note: you can get your visa even on the same day, but you can wait for your visa a bit longer in some exceptional cases as well. The decision is at the total discretion of the Canadian government.


All Hong Kong citizens applying for Canadian eTA are required to pay a fee. The fee is 49 EUR for all Hong Kong applicants and other nationals eligible for eTA.

How long can Hong Kong citizens stay in Canada with eTA?

All Hong Kong travelers holding eTA and valid passports are allowed to stay in Canada maximally for 6 months per one entry, while a Canadian electronic visa is issued for 5 years. It's quite a long time, so you must check if your passport is still valid, as the moment it expires, you will have to apply for a new eTA visa.

Hong Kong citizens can enter Canada many times during those 5 years.

Requirements for a Canada eTA from Hong Kong

You don't worry about complicated requirements and the number of documents necessary to obtain your electronic travel authorization. There are just 3 basic requirements:

  1. Hong Kong passport valid min. 6 months from the date of your Canadian travel.
  2. A valid form of payment to pay the eTA fee (49EUR).
  3. An active e-mail address to download a PDF file with your approved eTA and receive the information about your application progress.


  • Dual citizenship passport holders from Hong Kong should bear in mind that eTA is electronically matched with the passport provided in the application form. Hence, when going to Canada, a Hong Kong citizen has to carry the same passport attached to their eTA.
  • Application form can be submitted only by adult persons; parents or guardians can apply for eTA on behalf of their children or other minors accompanying them in the journey
  • eTA authorizes entries to Canada only by air, which means that visitors have to both enter and leave the country by plane

Is it safe to use Evisa Express to get a Canada eTA?

Yes, it is! We're an independent company, and you can be sure that your data is safely processed, and there's no chance for any leakage into unauthorized hands. Our expert technical team members are continuously improving and upgrading the system to guarantee a professional e-visa experience.

If you have any doubts, you can always refer to our Privacy Policy or contact our support team to obtain all necessary information.

Take your two travel documents - a valid passport and Canadian eTA and go to the airport to start one of the best journeys in your life! And who knows, maybe the best!

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