Canada Visa for Italian Citizens

Canada introduced the eTA system in 2016, at the same time eliminating the obligation to go through the complicated visa application process in one of the Canadian embassies. The system was created to pre-screen travelers going to Canada for the purpose of tourism, business, or transit.

Italian citizens, as one of the eligible nations, can apply for eTA Canada online. Electronic Travel Authorization functions as a multiple-entry online visa, and the eTA holder can use it for numerous entries to Canada. Each stay can last even 6 months, while eTA validity is 5 years

Application for the Canadian eTA is way easier and faster than obtaining a visa to Canada in a traditional way. eTA application can be completed entirely online in a couple of minutes!

How to apply for a Canada eTA visa from Italy?

To apply for an eTA, go to the left panel and choose your intended travel purpose. The online form consists of 3 stages that you must follow to submit your application.

The 3 steps are as follows:

  1. Providing personal and travel details. Please, double-check if you entered all the details correctly!
  2. Covering 49 EUR of eTA fee. Choose one preferred online method of payment from the available ones!
  3. Wait a few minutes and check if an e-mail with the confirmation number is in your inbox.  Within maximally 72 hours, you will receive your eTA too!

You don't need to print out your e-visa, but be prepared for the airport control and make sure you have access to the eTA electronic version, as you will probably be asked to show it along with your passport.

Canada eTA processing time and fees for Italy citizens


Sometimes, it may happen that you will forget to arrange your online visa in advance. If your trip to Canada is in 3 days, you can still apply for your eTA as the minimum time you have to submit your application is 3 business days before your departure date. The standard processing time for your eTA application is 72 business hours.


In the second stage of application, you will be asked to pay an eTA fee of 49 EUR. You cannot omit this requirement if you want to complete the application process.

How long can Italian citizens stay in Canada with eTA?

All Italian citizens who hold eTA and valid Italian passports can plan a 6-month single stay throughout the whole eTA validity period, which is 5 years. During that period of time, they are allowed to enter the country multiple times as long as their eTA won't expire.

Please be careful. 5 years is a good chunk of time so make sureyour passport is still valid when planning a trip to Canada! The Italian passport you will take for your journey must be the same document linked to your electronic travel authorization.

The moment your passport becomes invalid, a new eTA application form must be submitted!

Requirements for a Canada eTA from Italy

With Evisa Express, the application for Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is straightforward and time-saving.

There are also only three main requirements that Italian citizens must meet to make their trip to Canada possible:

  1. Have a valid passport (biometric one)
  2. Provide the e-mail address that you frequently use
  3. Be able to pay an eTA fee using any preferred and available method of payment


Italians who want to travel to Canada for other reasons than business or tourism-related activities, e.g., education, full-time job, and others, must know that eTA to Canada isn't the permit for such activities. In such cases, Italian passport holders have to arrange an embassy visit in Rome or a consulate visit in Milan to obtain a visa that fits their travel needs.

Is it safe to use Evisa Express to get a Canada eTA?

Yes, it is! Below, there are a few main reasons why:

  • Our applicants can be guaranteed the best standards of data security confirmed by the SSL certificate.
  • Our services are monitored and managed daily by the best technical support team.
  • Having Operated on the market for a few years, we became professionals in electronic visa service provision.
  • All our consultants are traveling hobbyists, so they understand how important it is to travel trouble-free.
  • We can pride ourselves on the overall 99% of positively processed Canada eTA applications.
  • By choosing Evisa Express, you will save about 85% of the time that you would need to spend when arranging a traditional visa.

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