Canadian eTA Requirements for French Citizens

Canadian Electronic Travel Authorization is a system created to pre-check travelers willing to enter Canada by air for leisure, business, or transit reasons. The system was implemented in 2016, and since then, travelers of many countries, a.o. French citizens don't have to obtain a regular visa in a Canadian embassy anymore.

With an eTA Canada, a traveler's life is much easier, while the online application saves time and money.

eTA is issued for 5 years and enables visiting Canada numerous times, while every single stay can last up to 6 months

If you are a French citizen visiting your relatives, going on vacation, or planning to handle business affairs in Canada, you can submit your online application with Evisa Express and enjoy effortless applications without leaving your home.

Apply online at least 3 business days before your trip!

Canadian eTA processing time and fees for French citizens


The processing time of eTA to Canada takes up to 72 hours. However, in fact, the applications are processed much faster and very often are approved even after 15-30 minutes. On average, those who are using the services of Evisa Express can receive their online visas within 16 hours.

Important note: It is at the Canadian government's total discretion to approve or reject each eTA request. That is why in some cases, the processing time can be extended.


The fee charged for the processing of Canada eTA online applications for all French citizens is 49 EUR. Use any preferred available online method of payment to pay for your eTA.

Canada eTa Application Form for the French

We do our best to ensure our applicants can submit their application forms and complete the application process without any difficulties.

Choose the left panel and indicate your travel purpose (there’s only one option to choose from - Tourism and/or Business). Click the button “Apply online” and follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Firstly, enter your data and basic information concerning your travel, incl. passport number and email address at which your approved eTA will arrive. Please, double-check provided data!
  2. Pay your eTA fee (49 EUR) by choosing one of the available method payments.
  3. Check your email, as you will receive a confirmation number within a few minutes after submitting your request. The approved eTA will be sent to your email in PDF form.

As soon as you get your online Canada visa, it will be electronically linked to your passport. All passport holders should check their passport's validity and take the same passport for their Canadian trip, whose details they provided in the eTA application!

How long can the French stay in Canada with eTA?

All French holers of ETA and valid passports are allowed a 6-month single stay, while the total validity period of a Canada electronic visa is 5 years. Throughout these 5 years, travelers can visit Canada multiple times.

Make sure your passport won’t expire throughout the whole period of your trip. When your passport becomes invalid, or any of its data changed, it is necessary to submit a new application form to obtain a new electronic travel authorization.

Requirements for a Canadian eTA from France

There are actually 3 requirements that all travelers must meet to complete their application process successfully.

The Canadian ETA visa requirements for French citizens are as follows:

  1. A biometric passport valid for at least six months (the passport must be valid for the whole duration of your stay in Canada)
  2. An active email address at which you will receive your eTA approval and any other information regarding the processing of your ETA application
  3. Valid credit, debit card, or any other form of available online method payment to pay a fee for Canadian eTA

Important information for eTA applicants:

  • eTA holders can travel to Canada only by air. Those French citizens willing to cross the Canadian border through one of the land checkpoints cannot do it with eTA. 
  • The only accepted document that may be used in the application process is a biometric passport, as it will be electronically attached to your eTA and checked by electronic devices during passport control when crossing the Canadian border. 
  • Travelers being holders of Canadian eTA can use it for tourism, transit, or business purposes. eTA cannot be used for other purposes, like, e.g., work, study, etc.
  • To apply online for Canada ETA, an applicant cannot be under 18. ETA for minors can be obtained on their behalf by their parents or legal guardians. All children and infants are required to travel with their individual electronic entry authorization.

Is it safe to use Evisa Express to get a Canadian eTA?

Evisa Express provides the highest-quality service possible to all French citizens. It is possible thanks to you our excellent upgraded system continuously improved and checked.

If you are afraid of submitting the online application, we present a few benefits that you will gain by deciding to apply with us:

  • 24/7 support team ready to solve any arising problems and issues
  • double-checking of every submitted application to minimalize the risk of rejection of your Canada eTA request
  • reimbursement in the event of your application failure according to the Terms of Service that you can find on our bottom website
  • 98% of successfully processed applications
  • 16-hour average processing time
  • simple and quick 3-stage application process

In case of any doubts regarding the safety of your data, please refer to our Privacy Policy available on our website.

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