Canada Visa for German Citizens

Canadian Electronic Travel Authorization is a system of pre-screening travelers who want to enter Canada by air for tourism, business, or transit purposes.

The government of Canada introduced the system in 2016, and since then, nationals of many countries, a.o. German citizens don't have to apply for a regular embassy visa anymore.

Travelers from Germany and other countries eligible can apply online to obtain Canada eTA, simultaneously saving their time and money.

Canadian visa is a multiple entry travel authorization valid for 5 years from the date of issue.

Every eTA holder is allowed to enter Canada multiple times and stay even for up to 6 months each time!

Canada eTA processing time and fees for German citizens


Canadian eTA processing time takes maximally 72 hours. Nevertheless, the applications can be processed even on the same day and approved within just 15 minutes or half an hour. Customers of Evisa Express obtain their electronic visa application approval approximately within 16 hours.

Please note, it is totally up to the Canadian government's decision whether your eTA request is approved or rejected. Therefore, sometimes the processing time can take a bit longer.


There is an eTA fee charged for handling the application process, and its cost for all German citizens is 49 EUR. Choose one of many online methods of payment available in our application form and pay for your eTA.

Canada eTa Application Form for Germany

The application process consists only of three simple steps. The application form for the Canada Electronic Travel Authorization is available on the left panel. To open it, first, you need to choose the purpose of your travel (Tourism and/or Business). Then click the button "Apply online" and go through 3 easy application stages:

  1. Provide your personal data and details on your travel, as well as your e-mail address. Please be careful! Your eTA will arrive in your e-mail inbox, so check twice to be sure you entered the correct address.
  2. You need to pay a fee (49 EUR) for your eTA. Choose the most convenient payment method and pay the fee.
  3. Refresh your email. You should already have received your confirmation number. Your eTA, when approved, will appear in your email for up to 72 hours.

That's it! If you receive your eTA, you don't have to print it out. Keep the electronic version on your mobile or another device in case of airport control. Don't forget to take your valid passport too!

How long can Germans stay in Canada with eTA?

The allowed period of stay for all German eTA holders is maximally 6 months (per one entry). Canada eTA is valid for 5 years, which means that all German citizens are allowed multiple visits to the country provided that their passport is still valid throughout these years.

Don't forget to check your passport validity and make sure it won't expire for at least 6 months from the intended arrival date in Canada! The moment it is no longer valid, or any data is changed, you must apply for an eTA once again.

Should German citizens need to stay in Canada longer than allowed 180 days, they are obliged to apply for a regular Canadian visa in a Canadian diplomatic post.

Requirements for a Canada eTA from Germany

There are no special eTA requirements for citizens of Germany. Nevertheless, all German applicants need to have the following:

  • a German biometric passport - the only document required that all Germans need to have is a passport with the minimum validity of 6 months; it has to be a biometric passport and computer-readable
  • an active e-mail - when filling out the application form, all applicants have to enter their personal details and provide an email address to receive a PDF file with the approved eTA and information about the progress of their application
  • a working device - smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. with an Internet connection to be able to complete the application form
  • a valid payment form - it may be a debit or credit card, or any other payment method available on the website

Please remember that if your travel purpose is different from business, tourism, or transit, you will need a regular visa obtained only in one of the Canadian embassies in your country!

Is it safe to use Evisa Express to get a Canada eTA?

Our services are intended to facilitate the process of obtaining a Canada eTA. The system of Evisa Express is constantly upgraded to provide the best application experience for our customers.

Below, we present a few advantages that you gain by choosing an online application on our website:

  • team of experts willing to help you anytimeand offering professional assistance
  • guarantee that your application will be double-checked by one of our support team members to maximize the chances to receive approval of your eTA
  • money refund (according to our Terms of Service) in case your application fails
  • little chance that your application will be rejected - 98% of approved eTA requests
  • only 3 simple steps to follow to submit your application

If you are worried about your data provided online, we advise reading our Policy Privacy.

Apply at least 3 business days before your departure and explore the diverse Land of Maple Leaf! 

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