Canadian Visa for Singaporean Citizens

eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) functions as a system of pre-screening travelers coming to Canada. eTA holders can enter Canada by air, and their travel reasons must be related to leisure or business activities; they can also make transit stops here.

Since 2016, as one of the eligible countries for Canada ETA, Singaporean citizens can avoid the complicated and long application process of getting an embassy visa.

There's no need to worry anymore that you won't manage to get your visa on time! To obtain your Canada travel permit, 3 business days are enough!

Forget about traditional visas, take the opportunity of online application and spend your saved time on creating your Canadian itinerary.

With eTA, it is possible to enter Canada many times as long as eTA remains valid - 5 years. Every single stay in Canada can last up to 6 months!

Obtain your Canada evisa, take all travel documents, go to the airport and take your flight to Canada. As simple as that!

How to apply for a Canada eTA visa from Singapore?

Our system was created to offer the most straightforward and trouble-free application. To go to the application form, applicants have to indicate the travel purpose (Tourism and/or Business) and then click 'Apply Online.'

Now, you will have to go through 3 simple stages, which are as follows:

  1. First, enter your data and travel information, incl. passport number and e-mail. Please double-check your provided details! Any mistake, typo, etc., may prolong the approval of your application.
  2. Singaporeans need to pay aCanada eTA fee of 49 EUR. The cost is the same for all Canada eTA eligible countries' citizens.
  3. Make sure the confirmation number was mailed to your inbox. Your eTA will be mailed within 72 hours too.

Please remember that in some cases, the handling process can take up more if the Canadian government has some doubts regarding your application.

Canada eTA processing time and fees for Singaporean citizens


The handling process of your application submitted via our website may take maximally 72 hours. However, don't be surprised if it is approved just after a few minutes. 16 hours is the average time of processing Canada eTA requests.


Your application entails the necessity to pay an eTA fee of 49 EUR. The fee may be paid by card, PayPal, or using any other available payment method.

How long can Singaporean citizens stay in Canada with eTA?

During 5 years of the Canada eTA validity period, Singaporean citizens holding ETA can enter Canada an unlimited number of times unless their passports are expired. Moreover, a single entry cannot exceed 6 months.

Please note: Once your passport expires, you need to obtain a new Canada eTA!

Requirements for a Canada eTA from Singapore

The three basic requirements that all Singaporean applicants must meet are:

  1. To have a valid Singaporean biometric passport.
  2. To provide the active email address used frequently.
  3. To be a holder of a valid debit or credit card or to be able to pay an evisa fee using any other online method of payment.

Please note:

  • Singaporean citizens who are holders of eTA can use it only at international airports.
  • All Singaporeans with dual citizenship must know that evisa cannot be transferred to other travel documents.
  • If you replace your passport after obtaining Canada eTA, you will need to obtain a new eTA!
  • If you are a Singaporean who considers relocation to Canada for a while to take up education or work there, you should arrange an embassy appointment to obtain more information on regular visa requirements.

Why should you use Evisa Express to get a Canada eTA?

If you have some doubts about whether entering your personal data online is safe, the following information may be helpful:

  • eTA Canada applicants' data is protected according to the best security standards - SSL certificate.
  • The technical team of Evisa Express is constantly supervising and improving the system to provide the best service.
  • We have many years of experience in the field of electronic travel authorization systems.
  • Our consultants are travel enthusiasts, so they personally know how important it is to travel without difficulties.
  • Our effectiveness can be confirmed in numbers - 99% positively processed applications.

When using Evisa Express services to get your Canada eTA, you can be sure that you will save about 85% of your time. No special requirements, simple and quick application process, immediate approval - what more could you want?

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