Canadian Visa for Spanish Citizens

Canadian eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) was introduced in 2016 as a system aiming to facilitate the initial verification of visitors entering Canada by air.

As one of the eligible nations for eTA, Spanish citizens can travel to Canada for the purpose of leisure, business, or transit. eTA serves as an electronic equivalent of a regular visa and, at the same time, eliminates the need to visit the Canadian embassy located in the applicant's home country.

eTA cannot be issued at the airport, so you must know that you won't be let on the plane without a valid Canadian eTA!

Whether you plan to make a tourist trip, visit family and friends, take part in an international conference, or make business negotiations, eTA is a perfect solution for you!

The application process can be completed entirely online from the comfort of your home or office as long as you have access to any working electronic device and Internet connection.

You don't need more than 15 minutes to submit your application, while the approval of your e-visa shouldn't take up more than 3 business days!

Don't hesitate to book a flight, next apply for eTA Canada, and save your precious time!

How to apply for a Canada eTA visa from Spain?

Grab your smartphone, laptop, notebook, or any other electronic device, check the Internet connection and open the application form on our website by choosing the left panel.

Firstly, you will need to indicate the purpose of your travel to Canada. After doing it, you will be 3 following steps away from getting your eTA:

  1. Provide basic information such as, e.g., entry and exit date and your nationality.
  2. Enter other required information and make an online payment for your eTA. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and many more local suppliers of safe payment methods.
  3. Now, you have just to check your e-mail! You should receive your visa maximally within 72 hours.

Canada eTA processing time and fees for Spanish citizens


It's enough to submit the application form 3 business days prior to your departure, as the Canadian eTA processing time takes up to 72 hours. Nevertheless, please don't put it off too long!

Filling the online form won't take you more than 15 minutes, while many of our customers get their approved eTA within only 16 hours.


Every Spanish applicant for Canadian eTA has to pay a visa fee, which is 49 EUR. You may do it using one of the available methods of payment that you prefer.

How long can Spanish citizens stay in Canada with eTA?

Canadian eTA is valid for 5 years from the issuance date. Holders of eTA can visit Canada numerous times within its validity period as long as their passports are still valid.

One single stay cannot be longer than 180 days in a row.

Remember that you are obliged to apply for a new Canadian electronic travel authorization if your passport expires!

Requirements for a Canada eTA from Spain

There are no special requirements and supporting documents necessary to submit an online form. Nevertheless, make sure you have the following three items at hand:

  1. Spanish passport.
  2. Active e-mail.
  3. Debit/credit card or any other valid form of online payment.

Please note:

  • All Spanish passport holders have to check if their passports are biometric and valid for min. half a year from the date of entering Canada by air.
  • The e-mail address provided in the application should be your frequently used - eTA will be emailed there.
  • If you wish to visit Canada for the purposes like, e.g., education or work - you need to obtain a regular visa, the requirements may differ a bit (arrange an appointment at an Embassy in Madrid or the consulates located in Barcelona or Malaga).

Is it safe to use Evisa Express to get a Canada eTA?

Below, you will find a few reasons confirming that using our services is the best and safest option of obtaining an online visa:

  • All eTA Canada applicants are guaranteed the best possible security standards and data protection - SSL certificate.
  • We provide the uninterrupted monitoring of the operation of our services supervised by the expert technical team.
  • We can pride ourselves on years of experience in handling online travel authorizations.
  • Our customers can receive professional assistance from our consultants, who can be called travel masters.
  • 99% of our applicants get the approved e-visas, which proves our effectiveness.
  • In general, deciding to use Evisa Express services, you save approximately 85% of the time you would probably need to spend arranging your visa in an embassy.
  • There are no complicated requirements and supplementing documents required for Spanish citizens to submit the eTA application form.

Save your time and money! Choose the online application process and apply for an eTA 3 business days in advance!

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