Egypt Visa For US Citizens: Visiting Egypt

These days, thanks to the Egyptian government’s e-Visa program and Evisa Express, there’s much more flexibility in the application process. All US citizens can apply online in just a few minutes.

Egypt Visa for US Citizens

Egypt visa for US citizens is now easily obtainable online. Should you need to travel to Egypt for tourism, business, or transit purposes, e-Visa to Egypt is the perfect choice for you. Nowadays, US citizens don't have to bother to visit the Egyptian Embassy and go through tiresome processes of handling a regular visa to Egypt.

Spare a few minutes, use any device of your choice with an internet connection, and apply online today! Egypt e-Visa will arrive at your email address within 72 hours (3 business days).

You have to be a valid passport holder to handle your electronic permit without going to the Embassy. Travel to Egypt with an electronic tourist visa and make your life easier! 

These days, thanks to the Egyptian government?s eVisa program and Evisa Express, there?s much more flexibility in the application process. No more time-consuming commute, no interviews, no transportation costs ? you can complete your application inthe internet, right in your own home.

Egypt visa types for US citizens

All US citizens can choose between two e-Visa to Egypt types. Choose the option that will suit your needs best and apply for a visa online.

All American citizens can choose between:

  • a single-entry visa: valid for three months from issuing, allows single entrance to Egypt for 30 days of stay
  • a multiple-entry visa: valid for 6 months from the date of issue, enables numerous visits to Egypt, each one can be as long as 30 days at a time.

The single-entry permit costs 69 Euro, while the cost of the multiple-entry one is 99 Euro. Both permits serve for tourism, business, and transit purposes. For each visa type, a valid passport is necessary to have to apply online, as well as on arrival with a tourist visa.

Visa to Egypt requirements for US citizens

Once you know which visa type will be the best option for you, start preparing the necessary documents to complete an online application process successfully.

All US citizens need to have the following documents to apply for an e-Visa to Egypt:

  • a legible passport bio-data page scan
  • a photograph of the applicant
  • a letter of invitation from the company you'll be working with (for business travellers)
  • an invitation letter from a family member you'll be visiting (for anyone travelling to Egypt to visit their family)

Please note that your US passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the planned arrival date to enter Egypt without any problems.

How can US citizens apply online?

Travel to Egypt with an electronic visa permit to make your life as effortless as possible! To complete your visa application process from the United States, prepare the documents described in the previous section.

An online application process guide for an Egyptian visa for all American citizens:

  1. Start by clicking the 'Apply Online' button that is on the right-hand side of this website. Provide your data and other essential information, then attach the additional documents (if necessary) into an online application form.
  2. Pay the fees for a visa for Egypt. All US citizens can choose between several online payment methods available. The Visa fee will differ according to what type of Egypt visa you choose.
  3. Check your inbox. Make sure to provide an email address that you have access to. First, all applicants receive a confirmation number, then the Egypt visa in a PDF version is delivered.

The processing time may take up to 72 hours (3 business days). However, most applications are approved sooner. The final processing time may elongate if the Egyptian authorities decide so. Apply in advance to avoid delays or issues when entering Egypt.

What should US citizens have upon arrival?

All US citizens should have the following documents on hand on their travel to Egypt:

  • a printed e-Visa to Egypt copy
  • a valid passport for at least 6 months from the date of arrival
  • travellers visiting for business purposes or family visits have to have a copy of the letter of invitation from either a company or a family member (depending on the purpose of your stay.)

To ensure an issue-free entrance to Egypt, have the above-described documents on hand while on arrival in Egypt.

The benefits of an e-Visa to Egypt for US citizens

Travelling with an official government e-Visa makes your trip easier in so many ways. First of all, your eVisa is pre-approved, which means less waiting at the airport when you touch down in Egypt. You can start your vacation or business trip right away!

Egypt visa for US citizens usually arrives in 71 hours for all travellers' email address. Our team of experts always thoroughly checks each application to ensure there are no mistakes before submitting it further for approval. Our rate of positively approved applications is at 97%!

Travel to Egypt from the United States with a valid passport and an e-Visa without visiting the Embassy beforehand. Stay in Egypt for 30 days once or multiple times! A flight from Washington D C to Sharm el-Sheikh duration is over 20 hours, don't make your trip even longer or more stressful, be prepared with an electronic Egypt visa.

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