Colombia Check-MIG Application

Colombia Check-MIG Form: Basic Information

The Colombia Check-MIG Form is a new obligatory travel authorization document that each visitor, entering or leaving Colombia, must have.

The document was introduced to create a safer environment for both international travelers and border control officials since it's essential to minimalize unnecessary contact during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The form needs to be completed online within 24 hours in advance each time travelers cross the Colombian border and up to one hour before their flight takes off.

Colombian Check-MIG allows a single entrance to Colombia; thus, a new form must be completed upon entering as well as when going back to one's home country. The approved Check-MIG stays valid for 30 days from issuing.

Travelers who plan to visit Colombia should follow a quick 3-step online application process to receive the approved Colombia Check-MIG via email.

Important! Check-MIG is not a visa to Colombia. If a traveler is coming from a country that needs a visa to cross the Colombian border, they will need two documents for control by the customs officials upon arriving (visa AND the Check-MIG form).

If one can enter Colombia visa-free, the Check-MIG form is still obligatory to have.

  • List of eligible countries

    Every country is eligible for the Colombian Check-MIG form, and citizens from every country are obliged to have this crucial document while crossing the Colombian border.

  • Colombia Check-MIG application

    Our services enable all travelers who wish to visit Colombia to obtain the required Check-MIG form effortlessly. You can use any working device with an internet connection to complete the form and receive it via email in 24 hours.

    Click the button 'Apply Online' and start providing the necessary information in your application.

    Each traveler must put the following data in their application before visiting Colombia:

    • Choose the means of transport that you will use to cross the Colombia border ( air, land, sea, or river)
    • Select if you're entering or exiting Colombia
    • Border crossing point
    • Date of entrance/leaving Colombia
    • Approximate time of border crossing
    • Type of flight (charter or humanitarian/ commercial, regular flight)
    • The direction of your destination
    • The flight booking code
    • Country of origin
    • Information concerning your health status
  • Colombia Check-MIG validity period

    Once you receive the confirmation of the Check-MIG, it will be valid for the next 30 days. Please remember that you have to apply between 24 hours to one hour before your flight departure is due. All tourists crossing the Colombian border need to have a copy of this document upon arrival or departure from the country.

    Please note! Whenever you cross the Colombia border, you need a new Check-MIG copy. It serves as a single-entry, no matter if you are entering or leaving the country.

  • Requirements on arrival

    All travelers must have two essential documents upon arrival in Colombia.

    Please make sure that you have the following documents for control of the customs officials at the airport or upon control at the different types of borders (land, sea, or river):

    • a valid travel document
    • a copy of the Check-MIG completed within a maximum of 24 hours prior to your travel

    Please note! Check-MIG does not serve as a visa to Colombia. It does not replace a visa permit for anyone who may need it to cross the Colombian border. Check-MIG is an obligatory document for anyone entering/leaving Colombia for the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even if you are eligible to enter Colombia visa-free, this document is still necessary to have.

  • Colombia Check-MIG Sample

    The Colombia Check-MIG sample below presents how the obligatory for all travelers document looks like once processed and delivered:

    Colombia check mig

Required documents

The required documents that need to be collected for this document are related to your travel and health details.

You need to collect the details about your travel to Colombia. Such as the means of transport that you're going to use (air flights, land, sea, river), the date of arrival/departure, a selected border crossing point, time of arrival/departure, your flight booking code, and other.

Besides the travel itinerary information, all applicants need to provide their personal data. Moreover, the Check-MIG must reassure that your health status enables you to travel to Colombia; thus, additional health-related questions need to be answered.

The COVID-19 questionnaire includes information concerning:

  • if you have been in either isolation/quarantine
  • if you have had any of the following symptoms in the last 14 days: fever, fatigue, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, malaise
  • have you had contact with anyone showing the above-described symptoms
  • have you been tested for COVID-19
  • have you been tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days

Important information

  • a COVID-19 PCR test result is no longer needed upon entering Colombia
  • no visits to the Embassy are needed when you handle your Check-MIG using our website
  • health-related information needs to be provided (concerning past isolation, quarantine, symptoms, etc.)
  • everyone who wants to cross the Colombia border needs to have this document on hand
  • the Check-MIG form must be completed within 24 hours up to an hour prior to departure
  • the means of transport that you plan to use (air flights, land borders points, sea, or river transportation) and other details concerning your trip

Benefits of Evisa Express

  • Easy application processThere are three easy steps to get your Check-MIG to Colombia. Any issues during the application process can be addressed by contacting our support team
  • Qualified team of expertsA qualified team oversees the processing of each and every application
  • Guarantee of serviceIf an application is unable to be processed, reimbursement is provided according to the conditions set out by our Terms of Service

Evisa Express is an independent company that offers efficient and professional assistance in obtaining visas. We are not associated with any governmental agency. See Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

FAQ about the Check-MIG

  • What is the Colombia Check-Mig?

    The Colombia Check-MIG form is an obligatory document for every traveler who wants to enter or leave Colombia via all borders. It is a questionnaire concerning your travel to Colombia details and your health state. It was implemented due to the COVID-19 pandemic to minimalize the contact of travelers with officials at borders. It is easily obtainable online, no need to visit the Embassy.

  • When should I apply for Colombia Check-Mig?

    Everyone who wants to travel to Colombia should apply within 24 hours before their flight departure. A maximum time before which you need to have your Colombia Check-MIG ready is one hour prior to departure.

  • How to apply for Colombia Check-Mig?

    Use our website, click the 'Apply Online' button located on the left-hand side. Start filling in the application form, provide your data, ensure it's error-free, and move on to making the payment. Choose a preferred online payment method from various available on our website. Lastly, check your inbox for the Check-MIG confirmation.

  • How long does it take to apply for Check-Mig?

    Making an online application takes just a few minutes and can be done from anywhere you want. Fill the application questionnaire with your data, email address, travel details, and health-related information (e.g., if you have been on a quarantine.). Pay the service fee, and check your inbox. Your Colombia Check-MIG will arrive within 24 hours.

  • How will I receive Colombia Check-Mig?

    Fortunately, no visits to the Embassy are needed to obtain this necessary document. Each applicant receives the Check-MIG confirmation via email provided while applying online.

  • What documents do I need for the Check-Mig?

    Every traveler needs a valid passport or another valid travel document to complete the Check-MIG form. You must provide information concerning your travel to Colombia details, as well as all your health status data (considering the COVID-19 pandemic, isolation, quarantine, symptoms.). Please note that the COVID-19 PCR test result is no longer necessary to have.

  • Where can I read more about Colombia Check-Mig?

    Should you need more information concerning the Colombia Check-Mig form, do not hesitate to contact our support team available to you via e-mail/phone. Or visit the official Colombia website for more Check-MIG related information:

  • How long is Colombia Check-Mig valid?

    The Colombia Check-MIG is valid for 30 days. However, each Colombian visitor needs to apply 24 hours prior to their flight departure. Please note that it does not serve as a visa permit.

  • Do children also need to complete Colombia Check-Mig?

    Every person visiting Colombia needs to complete the Colombia Check-MIG as it states the traveler's health state. Luckily, no visits to the Embassy are necessary to obtain this essential document. All you have to do is apply online using our website.

  • Do I need to take a PCR COVID-19 Test before traveling to Colombia?

    The COVID-19 PCR test result is no longer needed when crossing the Colombian border. However, each traveler has to provide details related to their health status in the obligatory Check-MIG form.

  • Is it mandatory to apply for Check-Mig before traveling to Colombia?

    Yes, everyone who enters or leaves Colombia through any border point must have the Check-MIG on hand. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and the fact that the PCR test result is no longer needed upon arrival, the customs officials have to ensure that every traveler is healthy when crossing the border or upon departure.


Three easy steps to get Check-Mig for Colombia

    Apply online
    Fill out basic details concerning your travel details and health state
  • Fill out remaining required information and make online payment
    We accept both credit and debit cards and other convenient methods of payment.
  • Check your email
    Once your payment is confirmed, the Check-MIG will be sent to the email address you provided in your application
Get help
5 days a week from 8am to 4pm (GMT+1)
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