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Hungary Digital Nomad Visa Information

The Digital Nomad Visa (DNV) is an entry visa facilitating travel for freelancers. With the document, they may freely reside in a foreign country while performing remote work for a company registered in their home country. Sometimes it is also named the Remote Worker Visa or the Freelance Visa.

Since the beginning of 2022, the Digital Nomad Visa has been available for all remote workers who wish to stay in Hungary. The official name of this document is the White Card. Additionally, this residency permit is classified as a Type-D Visa - it is issued for long-term visits and stays valid for an entire year. It may be extended for 12 months at the traveler's request, so the whole visit lasts up to 2 years.

The Hungarian government claims that all qualified digital nomads may apply for the DNV permit, as long as they do not pursue any business activities for any Hungarian enterprise. If you wish to start employment under a company located in Hungary, you must obtain another permit - a Work Visa.

Worldwide, the Digital Nomad Visa is gaining more and more popularity every day. Apart from Hungary, it is also already available in many European countries, such as Malta, Croatia, Greece, and Estonia. The authorities decided to introduce the new visa law, hoping it could help restore the current economic situation of their countries that was shattered by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The White Card differs significantly from the standard Hungarian Tourist Visa. Firstly, the regular visa lasts 90 days, while the Digital Nomad Visa is valid for a whole year. What is more, the visa for tourists guarantees entry for purposes including sightseeing, leisure, education, or participating in business meetings, but it does not allow taking up any paid or unpaid work.

Hungary Digital Nomad Visa Availability

The Digital Nomad Visa to Hungary can be issued for third-country nationals if they meet all the necessary requirements. To be given the permit, they must be either:

  • self-employed
  • employed by a foreign company
  • holding shares in a foreign company

What is more, digital nomads should perform remote work with the use of electronic devices, such as laptops and tablets, and communicate with their clients through professional programs.

Nationals of countries belonging to the European Union, European Economic Area, or the Schengen Area may cross the Hungarian borders visa-free, only with their identification document. They are allowed to travel, study, and work in the country for 90 days. However, longer journeys require them to apply for a suitable travel permit.

Hungary Digital Nomad Visa Application

In order to apply for the Digital Nomad Visa to Hungary online, you must visit the nearest Hungarian Embassy or Consulate and then proceed with the registration. The whole process may take some time, therefore, it is advised to start the application a few weeks before the planned trip.

Visa Application at the Embassy

First, you must schedule a visit to the Hungarian Embassy or the Consulate to start the application process for the Digital Nomad Visa. You may obtain a printed copy of the application form from the official website of Hungary or ask for it at the diplomatic mission. Then, follow these few steps:

  1. fill in the application form (digital or traditional)
  2. collect the required documents
  3. book the visa interview at the Embassy
  4. attend the visa interview at the Embassy
  5. wait for the visa approval notice

Once you receive your entry visa, you are allowed to cross the Hungarian borders. Nevertheless, you are not yet permitted to work remotely.

White Card Application in Hungary

From the moment of your arrival in Hungary, you have 30 days to make your stay in the country legal and official. In order to do that, you must visit the nearest National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing and apply for the Hungarian White Card.

In order to obtain the permit, take part in the interview and pay the compulsory fees. You will need to present the immigration officers with the same documents you used during your visa registration.

You will receive your new White Card by post a few days after your visit to the NDGAP office. The approved document is considered a residence permit, granting a long-term visit to Hungary. It is crucial that you always have it on your person.

Hungary Digital Nomad Visa Requirements

If you wish to apply for the Digital Nomad Visa to Hungary, you should first make sure you meet all the requirements.

Employment outside Hungary

While traveling to Hungary for the purpose of performing remote work, you must remember that you can only work for foreign companies. You are also allowed to manage various business activities as a self-employed person, however, you must not work for any enterprise registered in Hungary. It is strictly forbidden.

Stable Income

To be granted the Freelance Visa, you must meet some financial requirements imposed by Hungarian officials. The required minimum monthly income is €2,000, and you should be able to prove you have been earning this sum for the last 6 months. This information may be enclosed in a bank statement.

Basic Requirements

While proceeding with the Freelance Visa application, prepare the following documents:

  • valid passport
  • two photos
  • sufficient funds
  • reserved accommodation
  • purchased travel insurance
  • purchased health insurance
  • proof of purpose behind the travel

You are also required to provide a signed declaration that you will leave Hungary the moment your White Card expires or if your application is refused, but you have already crossed the border. The evidence of your exit may be a valid return ticket.

You must also prepare some documents concerning your occupation. If you are employed by a foreign company, you need a certificate describing its scope of operations, a paper reporting the nature of your position, as well as an employment contract proving that you are hired.

Hungary Digital Nomad Visa Benefits

Remote workers already enjoying their digital nomad life in Hungary claim there are plenty of benefits to the new visa.

  • The most significant advantage of the Digital Nomad Visa to Hungary is that it renders you eligible to travel to other European countries (as long as they are a part of the Schengen Area). You will be granted visa-free entry to many destinations, valid for up to 90 days.
  • Hungary is considered one of the cheapest countries in Europe in regard to Internet connection, transportation, and daily essentials. The low cost of living can allow you to spend some additional money on traveling around the country and getting to know its unique culture.
  • Digital nomads temporarily residing in Hungary may enjoy a fast and stable Internet connection. For those working remotely, its high quality is one of the most important features.

Hungary Digital Nomad Visa Validity and Renewal

The Hungary Digital Nomad Visa is generally issued for a year. It is possible to renew the permit once and be granted a 12-month-long visa extension.

Tips on Traveling with the Hungary Digital Nomad Visa

You already know a thing or two about the Hungary Digital Nomad Visa. However, there is some additional information you may find useful while traveling to this European country.

Tax Policy

Digital nomads visiting Hungary are exempt from the tax requirement as long as their stay does not exceed 183 days. After this time, each remote worker will be perceived as a tax resident with the obligation to pay income tax and the contributions. Luckily, the tax rates in Hungary are relatively low. For example, the personal tax is 15%, while the social security tax is 18.5%.

Family Members

The Hungary Digital Nomad Visa is an individual residence permit and, contrary to other Freelance Visas, prevents relatives from reuniting. Remote workers residing in Hungary cannot bring their closest family members with them - a spouse or children of the DNV holder must have their own White Card permits to cross the Hungarian borders.

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