Greece Digital Nomad Visa

What is the Greece Digital Nomad Visa?

The Digital Nomad Visa (DNV) has recently gained a lot of popularity worldwide. This travel authorization document is intended for freelancers who work remotely using electronic devices (such as laptops or tablets) and reside outside their home country. Sometimes it is also called the Remote Work Visa, Freelance Visa, or Nomad Visa. Moreover, it has already been introduced in other European countries, for example, Estonia, Croatia, Romania, and Malta.

The Greek Ministry of Migration and Foreign Affairs issued the Digital Nomad Visa in the autumn of 2021. The permit was created for non-EU citizens who wish to move to Greece while performing their work online. The authorities introduced the new visa law to attract foreign freelancers, hoping the wave of visitors could have a positive effect on the country's economic situation.

The Digital Nomad Visa differs significantly from the standard Greek Work Visa. It only allows for residence in case of performing remote work, and it does not permit digital nomads to be employed by companies registered in Greece.

What is more, the DNV document does not replace the regular Tourist Visa to Greece. They both allow the visitor to temporarily reside in the country and freely travel through its cities, but holders of the Digital Nomad Visa may enjoy a stay longer than 90 days.

You may also wonder what the validity period of the Greece Digital Nomad Visa is. This travel authorization permit is generally issued for a year, but it is possible to extend this period for the additional 12months.

Who can use the Digital Nomad Visa to Greece?

Any self-employed person with clients outside Greece may apply for the Digital Nomad Visa. It is also available for those working for a company registered in their home country.

You are exempt from the visa requirement to enter Greece if you are:

  • a part of the European Union
  • a part of the Schengen Area
  • a part of the European Economic Area
  • a citizen of Switzerland

Because of the Schengen Agreement, European nationals are guaranteed freedom of movement and may cross the borders of the Member States as they wish. Therefore, they are allowed to work in Greece for up to 3 months without the need to apply for the DNV. Longer visits require submitting a visa application.

Greece Digital Nomad Visa Application

You may apply for the Digital Nomad Visa either at the nearest diplomatic mission before your journey to Greece or after your arrival in the country at the service of the Greek Ministry of Migration and Asylum. The choice is yours to make - the waiting time does not change depending on the chosen place of application.

The process is the same in both cases and may be divided into six stages:

  1. complete the set of required documentation
  2. print out and fill in the visa application form
  3. submit the completed visa application form (in person, by post, or by e-mail)
  4. take part in the interview at the Embassy or the Consulate
  5. make the compulsory fee payment
  6. wait for the visa approval

If the registration form is free of spelling mistakes and the fee payment is booked successfully, your application should be approved by Greek officials. Your authorized Digital Nomad Visa will be issued by the Ministry of Migration and Asylum and sent directly to you.

Greece Digital Nomad Visa Requirements

Before you proceed with the Digital Nomad Visa application process, you should make sure to meet all the necessary requirements and prepare the demanded documentation.

Employment Outside Greece

Remote workers with the Digital Nomad Visa who wish to temporarily reside in Greece are forbidden from being employed by any Greek company. They may either manage their own business or perform work for an enterprise abroad.

Stable Income

A requirement crucial for the Digital Nomad Visa approval is the minimum monthly income. The exact amount of money depends on the number of people traveling with you. If you enter Greece alone as the main applicant, you must present a stable monthly income of €3,500 net. While traveling with your closest family, you should earn the extra 20% of this sum for your partner or 15% for your child.

Basic Requirements

The Digital Nomad Visa is one of the Greek long-term national visas (D-Type Visas). In general, it means that the basic requirements for these multiple-entry travel authorization permits are the same and include the following documentation:

  • visa application form
  • valid passport
  • two copies of biometric photos
  • proof of remote employment
  • proof of good financial standing
  • proof of booked accommodation
  • proof of purchased health insurance
  • certified health check
  • clean criminal record
  • valid return ticket

What is more, it is essential to prepare a declaration letter and present it to the Greek officials during the interview at the Embassy. In the letter, you should describe the purpose of your visit and convey information about your current job. You must also declare that you will cease performing work for the Greek companies.

If you manage your own business registered outside Greece, you may be asked to provide additional details concerning your company: official name, registration number, activity field, and corporate purpose.

Why should I apply for the Greece Digital Nomad Visa?

There are many benefits to applying for the Digital Nomad Visa, which remote workers may enjoy while staying in Greece.

  • This permit is dedicated to people who wish to combine work and travel. It facilitates visiting beautiful places, making new friends, and exploring the local cuisine while fulfilling yourself professionally.
  • The registration process for the Freelance Visa is fast, convenient, and effortless. It allows you to be your own boss and enjoy the freedom of individual decision-making while working remotely in Greece.

Greece Digital Nomad Visa Renewal Process

The Greece Digital Nomad Visa is issued by the Embassy for 12 months. However, if you wish to stay in the country for a longer period, you can ask for a visa renewal.

First, apply for the mandatory residency permit for your Nomad Visa to be renewed. Then, fill in the application form at the closest Greek office and wait for the approval notice. Your Digital Nomad Visa may be extended for an additional year.

What else should I know about the Greece Digital Nomad Visa

The section below contains additional information about the Greek Digital Nomad Visa that may prove useful while organizing long-time travel to Greece.

Income Tax

As a digital nomad, you are exempt from tax regulations for the first 6 months of your stay in Greece. After this time, you will be classified as a regular resident, obliged to pay income tax.

The Greek government has recently introduced a program offering a 50% tax reduction. However, you must reside in Greece for at least 2 years to participate in this initiative. Moreover, remember that Greece has a progressive tax - the income tax you pay depends on your salary. The more you earn, the higher the tax rate.

Residence Permit

After your arrival in Greece, you are obliged to apply for a permanent residency permit. Schedule a visit at the nearest Aliens and Immigration Department and present your residence agreement to the officers. You will also need your authorized visa and a valid travel document.

Family Members

If you were given the Digital Nomad Visa, you are allowed to travel to Greece with your closest family (partner, children), providing they apply for the residence permit. Nevertheless, remember that your relatives are forbidden from performing economic activities during their stay in Greece. To be employed, they need a Work Visa.

Canceled Visa

Your Greece Digital Nomad Visa is issued for a year. However, it may be canceled if you spend more than 180 days outside the country. In this case, you need to undergo the visa application process again.

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