Original Destinations to Visit as a Couple

Traveling as a couple is a wonderful idea to strengthen the bond in your relationship and make wonderful memories to last a lifetime. We’ve got a few ideas of what places to visit with the love of your life.

This February, we all can feel love in the air. If you’re looking for a perfect destination for a romantic getaway this Valentine’s Day, you’ve come to the right place!

Taking the love of your life for an unforgettable journey abroad is a fantastic idea to spend this day. You’ll have an opportunity to spend some quality time alone with your partner, make unforgettable memories together, and strengthen your relationship.

We’ve created a short list of countries you can visit with your date. Some would consider these destinations original and exotic, but they’re definitely worth a visit. Get a suitable visa before the trip and enjoy the journey of a lifetime with your lover.

Lovely weekend in Australia

Australia offers its visitors marvelous natural sites and cities bustling with life. It’ll be a great choice for a romantic gateway, providing beautiful sunsets on sandy beaches and exotic wildlife of lush forests. A perfect opportunity to relax with your lover.

You must visit Lord Howe Island! This place is a heaven for nature lovers, providing a relaxing escape from everyday busy life. Take a minute to appreciate beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters. If you prefer to stay in the city, take your partner out on a date in Sydney or Melbourne - there’s a plethora of activities to enjoy in these iconic cities.

While traveling to Australia, don’t forget to apply for a visa. To enter the country, you need to apply for the Australian ETA. Complete the application process online via our website. 

Cherry blossom season in Japan

If you don’t mind waiting, you should consider taking your partner on a romantic journey to Japan. A great idea would be to visit the country between March and April to witness cherry blossoms, also known as sakura, blooming all over the sidewalks.

Imagine walking with your darling between the blooming pink trees, with soft petals dancing around you. During the cherry blossom season, locals like to organize picnics in the parks to watch the romantic landscape and spend quality time with their dearest. That would be a lovely idea for a date with your partner.

It’s essential that you have applied for a visa before the trip. If you don’t have the document, you can obtain the Japan eVisa with Evisa Express in a few clicks.

Romantic dates in Vietnam

You’re going to have a wonderful time with your lover if you’re going to Vietnam! This country allows you to enjoy breathtaking landscapes, wonderful sites, and delicious cuisine - all of that without breaking the bank.

If you’re planning a trip to Vietnam, Ha Long Bay must be on your bucket list. This site is famous for its emerald waters and limestone islands. Couples can enjoy a romantic cruise through the bay, exploring hidden lagoons. Another marvelous place is Hoi An. It’s an ideal site for couples to stroll hand-in-hand along its colorful streets and visit ancient temples.

However, you cannot visit Vietnam without an authorized visa. Visit our website and complete the Vietnam eVisa application form online. The entire process is truly effortless.

Exotic getaway in Sri Lanka

The small but alluring country of Sri Lanka is one of the top destinations selected for a honeymoon. It provides visitors with everything, including beautiful golden beaches, clear turquoise waters, and wonderful wildlife. You’ll truly be able to rest during the trip.

An absolute must is visiting the city of Negombo, one of the commercial hubs for Sri Lanka. The city is famous for its export of fresh seafood and aromatic spices, so you need to try the local cuisine during your visit. We also recommend traveling to Trincomalee. There, you’ll find beautiful harbors and ancient architecture.

Each foreigner traveling to Sri Lanka is required to have a valid visa. You can fill in the Sri Lanka ETA application form online using our intuitive website.

How to apply for a visa with Evisa Express?

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