Oman Reopens Borders this September

Beginning September 1st, foreign travelers can enter Oman again since the country reopens its borders. Visitors will need to meet certain requirements to enter the country.

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The Sultanate of Oman has announced that from September 1st, 2021, the country will welcome foreign travelers once again as Oman is to reopen its borders. Oman is one of these countries that have introduced stringent travel regulations due to the ongoing pandemic. In practice, it meant the almost complete ban on entry to the country for foreign citizens. The Omani borders will be now reopened to nationals of several various countries and Omani residents and citizens. 

Some entry restrictions will still need to be obeyed, including COVID-19 vaccination and test requirements. Travelers who wish to visit Oman soon can apply in advance for an e-visa to Oman to avoid the need to visit the Omani Embassy and go through additional paperwork when preparing for the trip and meet other time-consuming entry requirements.

Oman reopens borders as Covid-19 cases drop

The decision to lift the travel ban has been caused by the decreasing number of Covid-19 cases registered recently in Oman. The number has dropped to on average 250 new cases a day in August from nearly 2,000 in June. Around 21% of the Omani population is now fully vaccinated, while nearly 50% have already taken the first vaccination dose. Along with the lift of a travel ban, Omani authorities have also lifted a curfew. They are ready to welcome foreign travelers in September after a few-month entry ban to their country.

Requirements to enter Oman from September

Visitors wishing to enter Oman will now have to meet some requirements, which are as follows:

  • to have a COVID-19 vaccination certificate
  • to be registered with the Tarassud+ app
  • to have printed proof of registration with the Tarassud+ app
  • to have a recent PCR test taken either before departure or upon arrival in Oman

Young travelers under 18 years of age are exempted from the obligation to be vaccinated or have a PCR test. Nevertheless, every underage traveler needs to have a separate visa to Oman. An application should be submitted by a parent or a legal guardian of a minor traveler. 

COVID-19 Vaccination in Oman - All necessary information

All adult nationals traveling to Oman are required to have received a full series of Covid-19 vaccination. Moreover, the vaccination manufacturer must be on the list of those that received the official approval of the Sultanate of Oman. The list includes:

  • Sinovac
  • Covishield
  • AstraZeneca
  • Sputnik V
  • Pfizer-BioNTech

The vaccination certificate must prove that the last dose of the COVID-19 vaccine was received at least 14 days before the trip to Oman. A QR code will be scanned by officials once crossing the country?s border by air, sea, or land. 

Vaccination requirements also apply to enter such public places, like shopping malls, restaurants, cultural and sports venues, etc. The only group exempted from vaccination obligation are travelers under 18 and those whose medical condition disqualifies them from taking a vaccination against COVID-19. 

Testing upon arrival to Oman

Reopening the Omanis borders means a waiver of the obligation of COVID-19 testing. Until recently, all travelers were obliged to take pre-travel tests before going to a given country. The lack of necessity to take it doesn?t mean they won?t be testing whatsoever. All international travelers will need to be tested upon arrival in Oman. They will also need to isolate themselves and wear a Tarassud+ bracelet until receiving negative results. In case of a positive result, a traveler must undergo a 10-day quarantine

Those foreign nationals who will travel to Oman and want to avoid the dark quarantine scenario can still take a PCR test 72 hours before going to Oman (96 hours before a trip if it is a long-distance flight). The test must show a negative result

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