Italy to Introduce Random Covid-19 Testing Upon Arrival

Italy has introduced random post-arrival testing for all travelers due to the significant increase of COVID-19 cases over the last few days. The number is soon to reach 100,000 cases per day.

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The Italian authorities have implemented the testing requirements for all travelers entering Italy for tourism, work, or other purposes. The already existing requirements regarding testing and vaccination also remain in place. 

The tightened COVID-19 controls will be implemented at airports, ports, borders, and stations. Anyone arriving in Italy can be randomly selected for antigenic or molecular testing. 
Italy has allocated over 3.5 million euro for random testing for the upcoming year. 

Procedures for a positive result of post-arrival COVID-19 testing

Every person swabbed and tested positive will be subject to undergo a 10-day quarantine.

Those who tested positive and do not have appropriate accommodation in Italy may stay in a 'Covid hotel' monitored by the Italian health authorities.

The accommodation expense, however, is to be borne by a traveler and may differ depending on the region.

Italian Passenger Locator Form

In July 2021, the Italian government introduced the obligatory Passenger Locator Form, which is a digital health certificate containing essential details of every traveler entering Italy. 

The Italian authorities can easily trace potential coronavirus infection and take appropriate preventive measures to protect both citizens of Italy as well as foreign visitors. 

All travelers can fill out the Italian PLF online using any working electronic device with a stable Internet connection. 

The completed form is delivered to the applicant as a PDF file with a unique QR code essential for trouble-free entry to Italy.

Other protective measures introduced in Italy

Along with the implementation of random testing for all the persons arriving in Italy, the country has also re-introduced the outdoor mask obligation, temporarily banned the organization of public events, and shortened the 'Green Pass' validity from 12 to 9 months for fully vaccinated and to 6 months for those who have recovered from COVID-19.  

Italy is also to review a 7-day quarantine for fully vaccinated (a 10-day quarantine for unvaccinated) who have contact with a coronavirus-infected person.

This move was caused by the increasing number of coronavirus cases that soon could exceed 100,000 cases per day.

Katarzyna Żyła

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