Saudi Arabia Lifts Travel Ban for India and 5 Other Countries from December 1st

From December 1st, travelers from India, Vietnam, Brazil, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Egypt can travel to Saudi Arabia without the need to spend the last 14 days transiting through other countries.

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On December 1st, Saudi Arabia will lift the travel ban on travelers arriving from six countries. Namely, India, Vietnam, Brazil, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Egypt
The Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia issued regulations allowing direct entry for travelers from these 6 countries who have been fully vaccinated. They do not need to spend the last 2 weeks transiting in other countries before heading to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Nevertheless, they still must undergo a 5-day quarantine outside the KSA, no matter their vaccination status.

All measures and procedures are subject to change due to the rapid covid-related situation. 

The ban introduced earlier this year applied to the UAE, Turkey, the US, Lebanon, Egypt, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Britain, Ireland, Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina, Sweden, South Africa, Indonesia, Japan, India, Pakistan. Those who transited through any of the aforementioned countries within the last 2 weeks before the intended trip to the KSA were also banned from entering the Kingdom. The ban did not apply to medical staff, diplomats, and their families

Requirements for non-Saudi arrivals

Non-Saudi nationals who obtain tourist visas can enter the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia if they fulfill the following requirements:

  • complete the full does of one of the coronavirus vaccines accepted in the KSA (quarantine-free entry)
  • register on the Arrival Registration Platform
  • submit a negative PCR test result issued by the certified laboratory not earlier than 72 hours before the departing time

Health Guidance for Arrivals to Saudi Arabia

Travelers arriving in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, are required to follow health guidance to stay safe during their stay. 


All visitors, including diplomatic missions members, as well as their families, must submit a negative result of the PCR test. The test cannot be taken earlier than 72 hours of departure time. Passengers not holding a valid certificate will be denied entry to the plane. Saudi citizens and children under 8 are exempt from testing requirements. 


All visitors must provide a vaccination certificate confirming that they have received the full dose of one of the following vaccinations accepted in the KSA:

2 doses:

  • Oxford AstraZeneca or Covishield or SK Bioscience or Vaxzevria
  • Moderna or Spikevax
  • Pfizer BioNTech or Comirnaty

1 dose:

  • Johnson & Johnson

Important note: Travelers vaccinated with two doses of Sinopharma or Sinovac can be allowed to the KSA only if they have taken an additional dose of one of the abovementioned vaccines

Vaccine certificates need to be issued by official health authorities where the vaccine was received. Moreover, it must elapse at least 14 days from receiving the last vaccine dose to be able to travel to the KSA. Travelers need to have their vaccination proofs all the time at hand throughout their entire stay in Saudi Arabia. 

Quarantine for passengers arriving from non-restricted countries

Institutional quarantine applies to all travelers coming from non-restricted countries including the following immunization status:

  • unvaccinated travelers
  • travelers vaccinated only with one dose of the approved vaccines in the KSA
  • travelers vaccinated with one of the WHO-approved vaccines (not approved in Saudi Arabia)
  • travelers vaccinated with one vaccine not approved neither by WHO nor the KSA

They need to provide PCR taken maximally 72 hours prior to departure. They also must comply with a 5-day institutional quarantine with two tests to be taken, first within 24 hours after arrival, second on the 5th day. Visitors should follow the communication given in the Tawakkalna app. The quarantine will end as soon as the test result is negative. It does not apply to travelers under 8. 

Saudi Arabia e-Visa

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers only one type of electronic tourist visa. This visa is a multiple-entry permit that covers tourism-related purposes like, e.g. visiting relatives and friends, or exploring tourist attractions. Its holder can enter and re-enter the KSA many times and stay for up to 3 months in total

 e-Visa to Saudi Arabia can be also used to perform Umrah. Recently, the KSA has changed age requirements for pilgrims - they must be aged between 18 and 50. 

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