Different Types of Online Visas - How to Select a Suitable Visa for Travel?

There are plenty of different visa types available for foreign travelers. Depending on the particular destination, the time you would like to spend abroad, and the activities you wish to pursue during the journey, apply for a suitable visa.

Traveling abroad is an exciting opportunity to explore new cultures, try out unique foods, visit ancient monuments, and make memories that will stay with you forever. To get you safely on your journey, you must take a few crucial steps - remember to prepare all the necessary documents and apply for a suitable visa.

You may ask yourself what type of visa you should apply for. After all, there are plenty of visas to choose from - short or long-term, single or multiple-entry. In this blog post, we will discuss selecting the most suitable visa for your travel.

Most Versatile Visa Available Online

One of the most versatile visas available online is the India e-Visa. It is an electronic visa that may be issued for purposes of tourism, business, transit, and medical assistance. However, with an Indian e-Visa, you can also enjoy Ayurveda. 

Depending on the selected type of online visa for India, you will be allowed to enter the country only once or several times. Moreover, your choice affects the validity period of your visa, which may vary from 30 days to even up to 5 years.

Visas Issued for Limited Time

Whether planning a quick trip abroad or an extended international journey, it?s important to know the difference between a short-term and long-term visa. Whichever option you choose, familiarize yourself with the specific requirements for each visa to ensure stress-free travel.

Visas Issued Short-Term

Short-term visas are issued for travelers planning stays up to 90 days. They are usually intended for travel related to tourism and leisure. These visas may seem appealing due to their shorter processing time and less documentation required.

Visas Issued Long-Term

Long-term visas are intended for stays abroad lasting a few months or years for purposes including education, employment, and temporary residence. Although they provide more flexibility, they also require more effort to obtain. 

Visas Issued for Limited Entries

While planning your travel abroad, you should assess if you will cross the border only once or if you will enter another country numerous times during the validity period of your visa. Knowing the differences between single-entry and multiple-entry visas can help you make the best decision. 

Single-Entry Visas

A single-entry visa, as the name suggests, allows you to enter a selected foreign country once. If you leave that country, your visa becomes invalid and to return, you need to apply for a new one. One of the benefits of the single-entry visa is that the visa application procedure is less complicated and requires little documentation.

Multiple-Entry Visas

A multiple-entry visa allows you to enter a foreign country numerous times. Therefore, you can leave and return to the destination as many times as you like, making it a convenient option if you plan on traveling frequently. Keep in mind that the cost of a multiple-entry visa is generally higher than a single-entry visa.

Most Common Visa Types

It?s amazing to travel, but navigating the visa application process may sometimes seem overwhelming. You need to obtain the correct visa type for the purpose of your travel, whether it?s to work abroad, pursue academic studies, or enjoy holidays.

Tourist Visa

The Tourist Visa allows you to visit another country for leisure and tourism purposes. Depending on the destination, you can visit local landmarks and check out natural wonders. You can also indulge in the local cuisine, meet new people, participate in cultural events, and shop for souvenirs.

Business Visa

The Business Visa permits you to travel to conduct business-related activities. Some common examples include attending professional conferences, negotiating contracts, conducting market research, or exploring investment opportunities. Business Visas are usually issued as short-term visas.

Transit Visa

The Transit Visa is essential in case you are passing through one country on your way to another destination. Depending on the visited place, you may be allowed to stay at the airport visa-free. However, to ensure problem-free travel, it?s important to always check the current entry requirements.

Work Visa

The Work Visa is issued for travelers wishing to gain employment in another country. The activities that are permitted traveling on a Work Visa typically include taking up employment abroad, pursuing investment activities in local businesses, and other activities related to the original purpose of the visa.

Study Visa

The Study Visa is a visa allowing the traveler to temporarily live and study abroad. It usually covers enrolling in full-time courses and completing educational programs for a degree or a diploma. Depending on the country, a Study Visa may also allow its holder to take up a part-time job.

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