Fast Track at the Airport: Problem-Free Travel

Fast Track is a new premium service available for passengers traveling by air. It will allow you to speed up airport formalities and enjoy your experience.

If you are a frequent flyer, you surely know that the majority of your time at the airport is spent on formalities before you finally reach the correct departure gate. This scenario no longer needs to be true, thanks to the Fast Track feature available at most international airports. 

In this article, we will explain the most important characteristics of the Fast Track service to convince you that it is worth considering when planning air travel.  

About the Fast Track feature

Fast Track is a pass that certain passengers can use to access the priority lanes and avoid long queues at security checkpoints. In other words, it means getting to the boarding gate area much faster and gaining more time to relax before the flight. 

At some airports, the Fast Track feature can be purchased online in advance, while others offer purchasing options at the airport, even on the day of travel (depending on current availability). 

You may also expect the assistance of a professional concierge (this applies to VIP packages). Once you arrive at the airport, a dedicated agent will walk you through all the immigration procedures. 

How can you use security Fast Track?

If you booked the option with an agent, you need to meet your Fast Track concierge at the designated meeting point. For regular Fast Track lane access, you should go straight to airport security and head to the clearly marked Fast Track lane. 

In the queue, you should be prepared to show your booking confirmation. Depending on the service provider, different rules may apply. For example, Fast Tracks sold directly by airlines are most often linked to the passenger’s boarding pass. 

When is the best time to book the airport Fast Track?

It’s always best to book the Fast Track ahead of time to avoid unnecessary stress or the possibility of the entry tickets being sold out. 

It is worth pointing out that some airports may require passengers to book the online pass at least 24 hours before the scheduled flight. Don’t worry, as it doesn’t mean that spontaneous trips eliminate the convenience of Fast Track service. There is always a chance that you can book the feature even upon your arrival at the airport. 

Benefits of using Fast Track service 

The Fast Track service aims to facilitate your travel experience so that you can relax at the airport. It’s a convenient option for those who don’t like to waste time.

  • Enter the Fast Track priority pass lane and complete the security check faster.
  • Reach the departure zone early and grab a snack or get lunch at the airport. 
  • Enjoy spending more time in the duty-free area for some shopping.
  • Find the boarding gate before other passengers and enter the aircraft first.

For an extra fee (VIP Fast Track package), you’ll also be provided with the services of a professional agent. Their duties include assisting with baggage and navigating travelers through the airport building. It may be beneficial for those in a hurry.

Fast Track Summary

Overall, it all depends on what type of travel you prefer. If you don’t mind spending additional time in a long queue, then you may not need the Fast Track feature. However, if you are traveling with kids or on a tight schedule, this service can save you a headache. Booking the Fast Track service online is very simple.

Dominika Adamkowska
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