How to Remain Respectful While Traveling to Vietnam?

Being immersed in a different way of living can be an enriching experience, allowing us to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for the world around us. Therefore, it is crucial to show appropriate respect for the customs of other countries.

There are countless reasons why traveling is a beloved activity for people from all around the world. From exploring new places and cultures to escaping the routine of daily life, traveling offers many benefits that make it an excellent hobby for people of all ages. However, to enjoy your journey fully, you should remember about adequate preparations.

Prepare yourself for the upcoming journey

One of the most important things to do before leaving for a trip abroad is to make sure you meet the current entry requirements of the selected country. Regarding traveling to Vietnam, the only required documents are a valid passport and an approved visa. It is also a good idea to have a national ID card on hand during your travel. Keep in mind that some nationalities are eligible for an online visa, eliminating the need to visit the embassy.

To apply online for a Vietnam eVisa, you only need to complete three easy steps: complete the application form with relevant personal information, upload the digital versions of required documents to the website, and cover the mandatory processing fee. You will receive an approval notice to your e-mail address when your Vietnam eVisa is authorized. Additionally, remember to print out your visa before departure.

Naturally, you should also take care of packing all the essentials in your luggage. Check the weather forecast beforehand and prepare suitable clothing. In Vietnam, wearing light and breathable materials, such as cotton or linen, is generally recommended. Remember to pack some toiletries and a first-aid kit with the necessary medication. It is a good idea to print out the flight tickets and booking confirmation as well.

Be educated about the respected values

Traveling to Vietnam, keep in mind that the local residents respect values such as modesty and restraint. It is advised to avoid showing off your money and your wallet or keeping a strong posture with your arms crossed on your chest. It is also recommended to refrain from showing affection in public. In general, it is considered respectful to keep your composure, speaking calmly and quietly. Additionally, you must pay attention to your outfits. It would be best to wear long-sleeved shirts and avoid cropped shorts.

Show respect for cultural and religious sites

In Vietnam, there are many beautiful sacred sites for both Buddhist and Hindu religions practiced by Vietnamese citizens. These majestic temples are also visited by large numbers of tourists from all around the world who wish to experience their greatness. However, foreign visitors tend to forget that these places are attended by locals for prayer. It is crucial not to disturb those seeking peace and spiritual support in the temples. To show respect towards religious practices, dress modestly and take off your headwear. Sometimes, it may also be required to take off your shoes.

Study the Vietnamese eating etiquette

In order to show proper respect for the culture and customs of Vietnam, make sure you follow the eating and drinking etiquette. Keep in mind that you cannot start the meal until the oldest person at the table begins eating. It is also in good taste not to leave food on the plate - it is better to put a smaller portion and eat it all. This will indicate that you enjoyed the meal. If you cannot do it yet, try mastering using chopsticks - they are commonly used in Vietnam. But do not hold them straight up, as it may be really offensive to your hosts.

Learn a few basic phrases in Vietnamese

Another great idea to show respect for the Vietnamese culture while leaving for a trip to this amazing country is to learn a few basic phrases beforehand. It will not only help you communicate better with local residents but also make you seem more knowledgeable and respectful by getting to know the culture through the language. Naturally, no one expects you to become fluent in a completely foreign dialect, but saying ?hello? or ?thank you? in Vietnamese will prove you have spent time studying the language before the trip.

Dominika Adamkowska
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