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Information about Cyprus digital nomad visa

A Cyprus digital nomad visa, also called digital nomad visa scheme, introduced in October 2021 is designed for nationals that are not from European Union or European Economic Area. It grants temporary residence permit and is perfect for those who perform work remotely.

Its main goal is to attract digital nomads who can boost the economic situation of Cyprus as well as the overall development of the country and electronic services. It is a win-win situation for everyone participating in the project.

What is more, Cyprus digital nomad visa enables you to stay in the country for even one year with the possibility to renew it for the next two years.

Before we continue, let's first explain the term digital nomad. It is a person who decides to go abroad in order to live temporarily and work remotely in a foreign country. It is a perfect solution for those who wish to change their surroundings but at the same time carry on with their job via online methods.

In the very beginning, only 100 applicants were able to obtain this visa. Now 500 people can be approved by the Cypriot government.

So non-EU citizens and non-EEA nationals can do their job remotely using the technology with a Cyprus digital nomad visa. Note that they need to work in a foreign company registered abroad, be self-employed, or own a business as well as have proof that their monthly income is stable and sufficient.

Who is eligible for the Cyprus freelance visa?

You can apply for Cyprus digital nomad visa scheme if you:

  • are not from European Union or European Economic Area
  • work remotely
  • are employed in a foreign company, own a business, or are self-employed
  • have a monthly income of sufficient level (at least €3,500).

Check also the required documents for a visa for digital nomads working from the Republic of Cyprus in the below section.

How to apply for a digital nomad visa to Cyprus?

The application process consists of a few steps:

  • Firstly, you need to prepare all the necessary documents.
  • Then, enter Cyprus (in some cases you will need a tourist visa to do so).
  • Print out and fill in the application form. Check the information twice before you go to the next point.
  • Visit the Civil Registry and Migration Department in Nicosia within 3 months of entering the country.
  • Pay the necessary fees.
  • Wait for the processing and the final decision. If everything is approved, you will receive your visa.

The requirements for getting a digital nomad visa

If you want to visit the Republic of Cyprus and stay there as a digital nomad, firstly you need to prepare the necessary documents:

  • a completed application form that can be downloaded from the Cypriot Ministry of Interior website
  • copy of a valid passport (at least 3 months)
  • copy of travel documents that prove your last entry in Cyprus (if any)
  • two recent photos in color on the white background
  • CV or resume
  • proof of stable and sufficient monthly net income
  • certificate of the clean criminal record
  • accommodation proof (such as hotel booking, rental agreement, etc.)
  • health insurance
  • blood test results that prove the applicant doesn't have HIV, hepatitis B and C, syphilis, and an x-ray of the lungs to exclude tuberculosis
  • confirmation that the applicant and his dependents will not work or provide services established in Cyprus
  • letter of intent.

Besides, self-employed people need to have contracts of services/projects and confirmation that their duties will be done remotely and are not linked to Cyprus.

Employees who work for foreign companies must provide an employment contract, confirmation that they won't do their duties in Cyprus, a copy of the registration certificate of the company, and the applicant's status information in the company.

Benefits of Cyprus remote worker visa

When it comes to the benefits of Cyprus digital nomad visa scheme, we can point out that:

  • you can reside for a year in Cyprus and have the possibility to renew this visa for another 2 years

  • you can take with you your family members for the time period of your stay

  • you are free from taxes as long as your stay doesn't exceed 183 days.

Besides, as a digital nomad, you can enjoy working remotely and spending holidays in a very beautiful place. Cyprus is also a very safe country so you can relax. The costs of living there are very reasonable and the visa is relatively cheap.

That kind of living is a perfect option for anyone who has the opportunity to work online as Cyprus offers a lot to its visitors. Being there you can enjoy the beauty of the landscapes, meet new people, experience a different culture, and try delicious, local food.

Can you extend your stay in Cyprus with a digital nomad visa?

Cyprus digital nomad visa is valid for up to one year and it grants a temporary residence permit. You have the possibility to extend your digital nomad visa for the next two years.

You can renew your first temporary residence permit and a visa by sending the application to the Civil Registry and Migration Department in Nicosia, however, you need to do this month before the expiration date of your travel document. Also, remember about paying the necessary fee.

Other important things to know about the digital nomad visa for Cyprus

Digital nomads thanks to this visa and residence permit can live and work in Cyprus which can be considered as a paradise on earth. There you can enjoy not only beautiful landscapes but also a very good internet connection which is crucial during remote work.

However, be prepared for long waiting as the processing of your application may take even up to 3 months even though the estimated time is from 5 to 7 weeks. It is a very popular place, so there are many applicants.

Cyprus offers a lot of opportunities for a digital nomad as quality of life or taxation advantages. So to be eligible for a non-dom tax policy you need to: spend 60 days or more in Cyprus (but you can't be taxed in another country), have a permanent home in Cyprus, as well as own a business/be an employer and spend more than 183 days per year in the island.

Besides, you can find a lot of co-working places in Cyprus, such as The business bar or Hugge Coworking, which is another advantage.

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