Saint Lucia Digital Nomad Visa

What is a Digital Nomad Visa?

A Digital Nomad Visa (DNV) is an entry permit available for foreign remote workers employed in a country abroad or conducting their own business. Sometimes, it is also called the Freelance Visa or the Remote Work Visa.

Digital Nomad Visas are becoming increasingly popular worldwide due to the COVID-19 virus. The pandemic had a toll on the economic situation of numerous countries, especially those that thrive on tourism. The DNV permit is a great chance for many nations to rebuild their damaged economies and attract new temporary residents.

What should I know about Saint Lucia Digital Nomad Visa?

The Caribbean island of Saint Lucia is a British Overseas Territory known for its breathtaking beaches and beautiful nature. It has recently become one of the top tourist destinations in the Caribbean because of the new Digital Nomad Visa.

In March 2021, the officials of Saint Lucia decided to introduce the Live It Program. The aim of this initiative was to restore the island's economy damaged by the COVID-19 pandemic and encourage new tourists to visit the country. It allowed foreign citizens to spend up to 6 weeks in Saint Lucia for purposes including tourism and remote work.

The Live It Program turned out to be a great success, therefore, the Saint Lucia authorities made the decision to modify the permit. Currently, the Saint Lucia Digital Nomad Visa is available for all eligible foreign travelers, allowing multiple entries to the country. What is more, its validity period was extended from 6 weeks to an entire year.

The application process for the Saint Lucia Digital Nomad Visa is not complicated and should not take a lot of time. Additionally, contrary to similar permits introduced worldwide, there are no minimum income requirements to obtain the Saint Lucia DNV.

Who is eligible for the Saint Lucia Freelance Visa?

The Live It Program is targeted not only at the digital nomads but also at travelers who wish to visit Saint Lucia for tourism, business, or education purposes.

Traveling as a digital nomad, you must remember that you are eligible to cross the borders of Saint Lucia if you are either:

  • employed by a foreign company
  • self-employed as a freelancer
  • managing your own business

Currently, there are no requirements concerning the nationality of the traveler. Therefore, if you fill in the application form correctly and meet all the necessary requirements, you are eligible to obtain the Digital Nomad Visa to Saint Lucia.

How to apply for a Digital Nomad Visa to Saint Lucia?

The registration process for the Digital Nomad Visa to Saint Lucia is effortless and very convenient. There is no need to schedule a visit at the Embassy or the Consulate, as you may submit your application electronically.

However, in the case of the online application, remember to make sure your selected electronic device is connected to the Internet and is working correctly. Otherwise, you may face some problems during the registration.

While applying for the Saint Lucia DNV, follow these five simple steps:

  1. fill in the application form
  2. submit the application form
  3. wait for the visa approval letter
  4. print out the visa approval letter
  5. pay the mandatory visa fee on arrival in Saint Lucia

Printing out your visa approval notice is essential since the digital form will not be accepted by immigration officers during customs clearance. On your arrival at Saint Lucia airport, you must have a paper copy of the approval on yourself.

It is mandatory to pay the visa processing fee. The Saint Lucia visa fee is relatively inexpensive compared to other Digital Nomad Visas available worldwide. However, if you wish to pay less, you may ask for a single-entry visa instead of the regular multiple-entry permit.

What are the requirements for Saint Lucia Digital Nomad Visa?

To be given the Digital Nomad Visa to Saint Lucia, you must first meet a few mandatory requirements. Nevertheless, the application for a St Lucia entry permit is not over-complicated.

Foreign Employment

All digital nomads who wish to enter Saint Lucia should prove they perform remote work for a company registered abroad or conduct their own business as freelancers.

You should remember that as a digital nomad, you are strictly forbidden from taking up employment with any enterprise located in Saint Lucia.

Minimum Income

Contrary to other Digital Nomad Visas, there are no minimum income requirements for the Saint Lucia travel permit.

While filling in the application form, you will be asked to provide information on the amount of money you will bring to the country. The data does not affect whether your visa inquiry will be approved or denied; it is only collected for informatory purposes.

Basic Requirements

Apart from the documentation proving your remote employment and funds sufficient to stay in Saint Lucia, you should meet some basic requirements.

Before proceeding with the visa application, you should obtain the following documents:

  • passport valid for at least 6 months
  • two copies of biometric photos
  • travel itinerary proof
  • sufficient funds proof
  • hotel reservation proof
  • return ticket to the country of origin
  • evidence of remote work (such as employment contract)
  • invitation letter from a relative (if applicable)
  • invitation letter from a university (if applicable)

Once you collect all the necessary documentation, you may proceed with the Digital Nomad Visa application process.

What are the advantages of the Saint Lucia Digital Nomad Visa?

There are many benefits the digital nomads may enjoy while traveling to Saint Lucia on Remote Work Visa under the Live It Program.

  • A good Internet connection is crucial for your job if you work remotely - it allows you to finish your tasks on time and keep in touch with your customers. Luckily, the Internet speed in Saint Lucia is decent and should not be a problem.
  • A great advantage of traveling to Saint Lucia is having an opportunity to witness its breathtaking nature. Beautiful beaches, splendid landscapes, and charming forests look unreal, making your travel experience memorable. Some of the places you should definitely visit are the Edmund Forest Reserve and the Saint Lucia Volcano.

Can I request an extended stay in Saint Lucia with a Digital Nomad Visa?

The Digital Nomad Visa created under the Live It Program allows you to stay in Saint Lucia for up to 12 months. What is more, the permit guarantees multiple entries to the country.

There is no official information concerning the extension of the DNV permit to Saint Lucia. The currently available Digital Nomad Visa is already an extension of the previously introduced program, therefore, it is supposedly impossible to renew the entry permit. If you wish to spend more than a year in Saint Lucia, you must apply for a new visa.

What else should I know about Saint Lucia Digital Nomad Visa?

You already know the most important information concerning the Digital Nomad Visa to Saint Lucia. Nevertheless, you may find some additional tips useful during your travel.

Tax Residency

If you travel to Saint Lucia as a digital nomad, you are exempt from the tax requirement. As long as you pay taxes in your country of residence or the country where your company is registered, you will not be considered a tax resident in Saint Lucia.

Documents Translation

It is essential that all the required documentation you submit during your Digital Nomad Visa application is in English. Other languages are not accepted, therefore, the documents should be translated by a professional into the English language. Otherwise, your visa inquiry may be denied.

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