Thailand to Restore Its Quarantine-free Scheme

Starting from February 1st, 2022, fully vaccinated visitors from all countries around the world can take advantage of the TEST&GO Pass and enter Thailand quarantine-free.

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In November 2021, Thailand began allowing entry for vaccinated travelers coming from certain countries quarantine-free. They just needed to spend one night in the pre-booked government-approved hotel when awaiting the COVID-19 test result. 

The 'Test and Go' program was temporarily suspended on December 22th, 2021 amid the increasing number of Omicron cases recorded in Thailand.

As of February 1st, 2022, the Thai authorities resumed the 'Test and Go' program adding a few new requirements, including pre-paid accommodation on Day 1 and Day 5.  

In February alone, Thailand plans to welcome hundreds of thousands of travelers, who can take advantage of a quarantine-free visa program.

The program is expected to start the economic revival in the country at the same time remaining safe border reopening and tourism flow. Moreover, the number of visiting travelers is expected to increase in the coming months. 

Thailand Test&Go Scheme

Detailed pre-arrival and upon-arrival entry protocol include the following:

Before arrival

All arrivals (no matter the country of departure) must have the following documents arranged prior to entry to Thailand:

  • a Thailand Pass - application within 60 days in advance of the trip;
  • a Medical Certificate confirming negative RT-PCR test result taken not earlier than 72 hours before the planned trip (excluding children younger than 6 years of age who travel with parents);
  • an insurance policy with the minimum coverage of US$ 50,000 (exempt from Thai nationals and foreign expatriates falling under Thai national healthcare coverage); the policy should cover all potential COVID-19 treatment, quarantine, and hospitalization expenses, and cover the whole duration of the intended stay in Thailand, plus minimum 10 extra days in case of positive COVID-19 second swab test result;
  • a confirmed prepayment for two separate nights at government-approved accommodation on Day 1 and Day 5th (including the payment for two RT-PCR tests, and transfer from the airport to the quarantine hotel);
  • a COVID-19 vaccination or recovery certificate:
  • travelers aged 18 and older must receive a COVID-19 full vaccination dose at least 14 days before entry to Thailand;
  • travelers between 12-17 years of age traveling alone must receive at least 1 COVID-19 vaccination dose (travelers aged 6-17 are exempt from vaccination requirements if accompanied by parents).


  1. Firstly, all travelers must submit the Thailand Pass QR Code during the Health Control and proceed with immigration procedures.
  2. Next, travelers must perform the RT-PCR COVID-19 test (children under 6 years of age undergo saliva test).
  3. After taking the test, a traveler needs to stay at the pre-arranged hotel (located within 5 hours from the airport).
  4. At the hotel, a traveler should download the MorChana App.

Stay in Thailand

Travelers must stay Day 1 and Day 5 at the government-approved accommodation waiting for the test results. The MorChana App will remind them about testing. 

When leaving Thailand, there are no special exit rules. However, travelers need to follow the guidelines of the country of their next destination. 

Thailand e-Visa

Thailand officially introduced the electronic visa system in September 2021 offering a tourist e-Visa and eight other electronic visa types for eligible travelers.

Thai e-Visa is issued as a single-entry authorization allowing a 60-day stay and remaining valid for 3 or 6 months from the date of issue. 

Currently, 37 eligible countries can submit an online application 15 business days before the intended trip to Thailand.

Once approved, the e-Visa in a PDF file will be delivered to the applicant's email inbox.

Do not forget to obtain your e-Visa to Thailand and enter the country trouble-free!

Katarzyna Żyła

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