Italy Removes All Pre-Arrival COVID-19 Testing Requirements for Vaccinated Travelers

Last week, Italy removed all its pre-arrival testing requirements. Fully vaccinated international travelers may now enter Italy without the COVID-19 test report.

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Italy has become the latest country in Europe to relax its entry restrictions. The revised entry protocol became effective as of March 1st and allows fully vaccinated arrivals to enter Italy test-free

Since the 1st of March, all third-country nationals are also able to enter Italy under the same rules as travelers from the European Union. 

Italy follows the decision of other European countries to relax entry requirements. Recently, France has also abolished the pre-departure tests for fully vaccinated arrivals, Spain decided to allow entry for third-country visitors with a recovery certificate, while Iceland removed all coronavirus-related restrictions. 

Current Italian Entry Requirements

Vaccinated Travelers

Fully vaccinated arrivals are allowed to enter Italy by just providing the vaccination proof. The certificate must state that the vaccine has been administered not earlier than 9 months prior to their travel or that they have received a booster shot. 

Unvaccinated Travelers

Unvaccinated travelers can either provide the recovery certificate confirming that they have recovered from coronavirus within the last 6 months or enter Italy with a negative RT PCR test report issued no earlier than 72 hours before a trip. Alternatively, they can also provide a negative report of an antigen rapid test issued within 48 hours prior to travel. 

Passenger Locator Form

All travelers, regardless of vaccination or recovery status, are still required to complete a Passenger Locator Form before traveling to Italy. 

The form was introduced during the ongoing pandemic in July 2021 with the aim to facilitate the Italian authorities to control the spread of the coronavirus new cases.

Thanks to the information provided in the form, it is possible to immediately notify a traveler about the potential risk of COVID-19 infection

Every travel to Italy must complete the Passenger Locator Form before a trip and obtain an individual QR code, which is essential to enter Italy hassle-free.

Super Green Pass

Italy introduced a digital super green pass that is issued to those who hold a vaccination or recovery certificate. This digital pass is mandatory in order to stay at a hotel, fly on a plane, and access many various public establishments

COVID-19 current situation in Italy

Italy has passed 13,000,000 reported coronavirus infections reported since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, with over 155,000 coronavirus-related deaths

47,6 mln of Italians have been fully vaccinated which accounts for 79,9% of the entire population of Italy. 

Currently, coronavirus infections are decreasing, with around 37,000 new cases reported on average daily. That is 21% of the peak (the highest daily average number of cases) reported on January 14th.

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