Canada to Ease Covid-19 Entry Rules for Some Travelers

Canada takes another step to relax the Covid-19 rules for some travelers. The relaxed rules apply to children between 5 and 11 years of age.

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Canada reopened for tourism in the summer of 2021 maintaining one of the strictest entry rules worldwide. To make the country more accessible to tourists, the Canadian authorities have relaxed entry restrictions.

Starting from April 25, 2022, the new relaxed rules apply to certain visitors to Canada, including children between 5 and 11 who no longer need to take Covid-19 tests. 

Updated Entry Requirements

Non-vaccinated or non-fully-vaccinated children between 5 and 11 years of age who travel with a fully vaccinated parent, guardian, tutor, or step-parent no longer need to take a pre-departure Covid-19 test to enter Canada. Children younger than 5 are also exempt from Covid-19 testing. The pre-entry testing requirement still applies to partially vaccinated or non-vaccinated travelers aged 12and older who are eligible for traveling to Canada. 

Moreover, all fully immunized travelers no longer need to provide a quarantine plan upon entering the country. This requirement has been also removed for children between 5 and 12 years of age who are traveling with a fully jabbed parent, guardian, tutor, or step-parent. Travelers who cannot take the Covid-19 vaccine due to some medical contraindications are also exempt from the necessity to provide a quarantine plan. 

The Government of Canada has also decided to lift some after-arrival rules. Fully vaccinated travelers are no longer required to follow these rules for 2 weeks after arrival in Canada:

  • to wear a mask in public spaces
  • to quarantine if a travel companion exhibits Covid-19 symptoms or is tested positive
  • to maintain a list of close contacts and visited places
  • to monitor and report Covid-19 symptoms or signs 


All travelers are still obliged to provide essential travel information via ArriveCAN (mobile app or website) within 72 hours before the planned arrival in Canada and/or before boarding a plane/cruise ship to Canada. The ArriveCAN form includes contact and travel details as well as vaccination information of a person entering Canada. 

Fully vaccinated travelers eligible for travel to Canada who fails to complete the ArriveCAN form:

  • will not be eligible for the fully vaccinated traveler exemption (they may need to provide a pre-arrival Covid-19 test result, quarantine plan, or even undergo post-arrival testing and quarantine);
  • may be subject to some enforcement actions, including fines;
  • may experience some delays at the border.

Full requirements to enter Canada

Fully vaccinated foreign travelers who are eligible for entering Canada for tourism purposes can enter the country test-free if they:

  • use the ArriveCAN to provide their personal and health information
  • are Covid-19 asymptomatic
  • wear a mask during the entire flight and in airport terminals
  • take a random on-arrival Covid-19 test (if selected)
  • have a valid visa or eTA (if eligible)

Canada still does not allow entry to unvaccinated travelers unless they have specific circumstances to visit the country. Those unvaccinated travelers need to apply for an exemption in order to be permitted to enter Canada.

Katarzyna Żyła

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