Cambodia to Lift COVID-19 Testing for Vaccinated Visitors

Cambodia has relaxed coronavirus-related restrictions for foreign arrivals. COVID-19 testing is no longer mandatory for fully vaccinated visitors.

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Last week Cambodian authorities announced updated travel measures that significantly ease restrictions introduced amid the coronavirus pandemic.

By dropping mandatory testing, fully vaccinated travelers no longer need to perform pre-arrival PCR and post-arrival rapid antigen tests. The new regulations have already been implemented.

Although taking an on-arrival rapid antigen test is no longer obligatory, the country’s authorities still encourage arriving travelers to do so. 

Not fully vaccinated travelers still need to undergo a 14-day post-arrival quarantine in Cambodia. 

Cambodian current entry requirements 

Fully vaccinated

Fully vaccinated arrivals only need to provide vaccination proof in order to enter Cambodia.

Not fully vaccinated

Unvaccinated travelers or travelers who have been partially vaccinated are subject to a 14-day quarantine upon arrival in Cambodia. They should pre-book the quarantine hotel stay. Otherwise, they must demonstrate the US $2000 in cash to cover the quarantine accommodation costs. PCR tests are required to be performed on the 13th Day of quarantine and will be overseen by the Cambodian health authorities.

Important note: Anyone who has recovered from COVID-19 in the past year is still subject to the entry rules applicable according to their status of vaccination.


Children aged 17 and younger can follow the entry rules applicable for fully vaccinated arrivals. 

Not fully vaccinated children (aged 17 and under) will need to undergo quarantine according to the applicable quarantine period of their accompanying adult(s). 

Cambodian visas

Cambodia has also restored the service of visas on arrival for passengers entering the country by sea, air, or land. 

Travelers from eligible countries may also consider applying for a tourist visa to Cambodiaonline by filling out a short application form. 

e-Visa to Cambodia is issued as a single-entry visa and allows a one-entry stay for up to 30 days. Electronic visas to Cambodia can be used for all tourism-related purposes, including holidays, family and friend visits, exploring Cambodian tourist attractions as well as making a transit stop in Cambodia. 

The country had stopped the issuance of electronic visas amid the ongoing pandemic and reintroduced them in October 2021.

Getting an electronic visa in advance may save travelers from long-lasting queues at the airport to arrange a visa on arrival. 

COVID-19 pandemic and Cambodian tourism sector

Before the coronavirus pandemic, the Cambodian tourism sector had developed into a crucial revenue source with 6.61 mln foreign visitors who traveled to Cambodia in 2019 and spent about $5.31 billion, which is nearly 20% of the national GNP.

These numbers significantly decreased in 2020 due to the COVID-19 and the revenue from tourism accounted for only just over 4% of GNP.

According to the Cambodian Prime Minister, Hun Sen, the spread of coronavirus disease is now controllable and the number of daily new infections is declining.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Cambodia has recorded over 134,000 cases, of which over 3,000 were fatal.

Over 80% of the Cambodian population (almost 17 mln people) have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. 

Katarzyna Żyła

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