Cambodia Visa for Australian Citizens

If you have ever wondered how to obtain a visa to Cambodia, a country full of ancient mysteries, imposing temples, and white sand beaches, wonder no more. Read on to learn all about Cambodia visa handling process.

Cambodia Visa for Australian Citizens
There are around 4 000 temples in Cambodia, a great antique and historical heritage, but also numerous beautiful landscapes and islands. As an Australian citizen, you will need one thing to cross the Cambodian border, and that is an electronic visa permit.

Cambodia visa for Australian citizens is easily accessible and obtainable. Keep on reading this article to learn how to prepare before making an online application to ensure it's successfully approved.

e-visa for Australian citizens

Cambodia visa for Australian citizens is reasonably easy to obtain. All Australian passport holders that wish to obtain a visa to Cambodia should make an online visa application using our services to complete the process within a couple of minutes!

e-visa to Cambodia can be used solely for tourism purposes, in which visiting your friend and family that reside in Cambodia is also included. This electronic tourist visa costs just 99 Euro and serves as a single-entry visa for a stay of up to 30 days.

Cambodia tourist visa is valid for 3 months (90 days) from the date of issue. Please note that the 30-day stay is the maximum length to stay in Cambodia; you cannot extend that period online. (It has to be done with the help of the Cambodian government and immigration authorities.)

What should Australian citizens do before applying online?

To ensure successful visa approval, it's crucial to be well-prepared before applying online. All Australian citizens have to have a working device with a stable internet connection and prepare all the necessary documents.

You have to have the following documents:

  • a scan or a photograph of the bio-data page from your valid passport
  • an active e-mail address
  • a recent applicants' photograph (that complies with the passport photo standards)

Please note that your passport has to be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the intended departure date to Cambodia.

Cambodia visa application guide for Australian citizens

One thing is now standing between you and your dream trip to Cambodia, and that is a quick application process. To visit Cambodia as early as you'd want, prepare all the necessary documents described in the previous section and follow this guide to make your application quick and successful.

All Australian citizens that wish to obtain a visa to Cambodia should follow these steps:

  1. Upon meeting the visa requirements and having the essential documents (passport and applicants' photograph) on hand, start the application process by clicking the button 'Apply Online' on this page's right side. Fill in an online visa application form by providing your data and attaching the required documents.
  2. Once you've filled the form, make sure to check all the information for correctness to avoid issues with approval or delays. Then, move on to paying the handling visa fee (99 Euro). Choose the most convenient for you method of online payment variety available on our website.
  3. As soon as your payment registers, a visa confirmation number will be sent to your e-mail address. Then, within the next 72 hours (3 business days), an e-visa to Cambodia arrives at your inbox as well.

Average processing time for Australian citizens

Using our services can grant all Australian travellers 18-hour of an average processing time! If you put all the information in your application form correctly, e-visa should arrive at your e-mail address within the average processing time.

Our professional team always double-checks all the applications filed for any errors or mistakes to ensure a quick fix and avoid issues and delays. The effects of our team's actions are visible in the successful application rate that is at 99%!

In case your application would not be approved, we grant reimbursement as per our Terms of Service. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us; our support team is available 24/7 via mail and phone.

Where can you cross the border with an e-visa

Currently, no Cambodia seaports accept e-visas to cross the Cambodia border. However, there is a stipulated list of airports and border crossing points that allow all Australian travellers to cross the Cambodia border.


  • Phnom Penh Cambodia International Airport
  • Siem Reap International Airport
  • Sihanouk International Airport

Land border crossings:

  • Cham Yeam (Koh Kong Province) if arriving from Thailand
  • Poi Pet (Banteay Meanchey Province) when coming from Thailand
  • Bavet (Svay Rieng Province) if you should cross the border from Vietnam
  • Tropaeng Kreal Border Post (Stung Treng) when arriving from Laos

Enjoy your stay in Cambodia for a duration of one month, use an electronic visa permit to make your life easier, and make sure to use one of the specified international airports.

Final Words

A flight from Australia to Cambodia duration is between 8 to 12 hours. Have your e-visa permit prepared beforehand to make your trip stress-free! Without going to the embassy or visiting the consulate, no waiting in long queues, excessive amounts of paperwork, or complicated processes.

One of the best known temple is the Angkor Wat, the biggest and most preserved temple complex in Cambodia. Cambodia has several incredible islands to offer with white sand beaches and beautiful waters to swim in if you crave a more relaxing getaway to clear your mind. From cheap backpackers islands to luxury areas, Cambodia has it all! Whether you are a driven explorer or history lover and want to discover all the ancient sites in Cambodia or simply want to go on a magical holiday,

Applying for an e-visa to Cambodia online takes only a few minutes and can be done from anywhere you want!

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