Best Tourist Destinations to See in Brazil

Embark on a journey through Brazil’s diverse wonders since this country offers unforgettable experiences for every kind of traveler.

Brazil, the largest country in South America, has plenty of captivating tourist destinations, being a unique blend of culture, nature, and adventure. On the one hand, visitors can enjoy its natural tropical beauty with rainforests filled with exotic plants and wildlife. On the other hand, Brazil is rich in culture: it can boast its architecture and decorative arts, and travelers can find many art museums all over the country. 

In Brazil, you can visit unique spots - for example, Rio de Janeiro is renowned for its Christ the Redeemer statue and Carnival, while the Amazon Rainforest is a breathtaking natural wonder. Travel to these and many other places to explore Brazil's atmosphere and get to know the country inside and out - just don't forget to obtain a Brazil eVisa via a few simple online steps in advance. 

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro has many attractions, so each traveler can find something for themselves. From every angle, this city offers magnetic views, whether that;s green mountains covered in a lush tropical forest or white-sand beaches. You will be able to see the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue and enjoy the pristine beaches. Consider visiting Brazil in February, during Carnival, so that you can witness Brazil's vibrant parades and heaving blocos, feasting, dancing, music, and costumed revelry.

Art Museums of Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is a city rich in art and culture, so it is a great travel spot for those willing to visit art museums. For example, the Sao Paulo Art Museum (MASP) collects 10,000 works, with paintings, sculptures, objects, photographs, and clothing among them. The museum covers the European, African, Asian, and American continents throughout various periods. Another one, Sao Paulo's Modern Art Museum (MAM), is one of the oldest modern art museums in Latin America, with 5,000 works by the most prominent names of Brazilian modern and contemporary art. The Museum of Image and Sound of Sao Paulo (MIS) has photographs, films, videos, and posters and attracts visitors with its regular exhibitions and film showings.


Copacabana Beach is a hotspot for tourists from around the world. It stretches for over 5 kilometers, being one of the busiest and greatest beaches in the world. Copacabana has it all: alluring waters, white-sand beaches, and splendid landscape. You can relax by taking sun baths or enjoy activities like soccer, volleyball, swimming, and many others. Copacabana can also boast of its exemplary service at hotels, bars, and restaurants.


Brasilia is the federal capital of Brazil, and its infrastructure is designed like an airplane, each section serving a different district - government, commercial, residential, or cultural. It has creative architecture, including the Presidential Palace, the Congress, and the Supreme Court on the Three Powers Square. Many tourists are also eager to see the Palacio da Alvorada - the President's official residence and the TV Tower - and the Brasilia Cathedral - a marvel of modernist architecture.

Amazon Rainforests

The Amazon Rainforest is the richest and most varied biological reservoir in the world, accounting for more than half the total volume of rainforests in the world. Travelers are able to explore the Amazon rainforests on boat trips that can get them to the heart of the rainforests and the network of rivers, channels, and lakes. By boat, it is also possible to get to the Janauari Ecological Park, where you can explore a number of ecosystems. Don't miss the well-known Teatro Amazonas - the Italian Renaissance-style opera house.

The Pantanal

The Pantanal is the world's largest tropical wetland, and it offers an excellent opportunity to observe animals in their natural habitat. There you can see white jabiru storks, square-nosed capybaras, and caimans, among other wildlife. If you are lucky, you can also encounter Brazilian tapirs, marsh deer, and giant anteaters. In the Pantanal, travelers can do plenty of things, from kayaking and piranha fishing to horse riding. If you have the money, you can try flying over the wetland and enjoy the picturesque view from a private plane over the floodplains. 


Recife, known for its various waterways and bridges, is often called the Venice of Brazil. It was a Dutch colony during the early 17th century, and you can recognize this due to colonial buildings in the old city, including the Franciscan Convent of Saint Anthony. Recife is situated amid tropical forests with many islands and rivers, so travelers can enjoy nature as much as the cultural aspect of the city. Recife's beaches, with its clear water and coral reef, are some of the best in the country.

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