The most beautiful places of Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast, also called Côte d'Ivoire, is a charming country located on the southern coast of West Africa with equatorial and savanna types of climate.

Ivory Coast, also called Côte d'Ivoire, is a charming country located on the southern coast of West Africa with equatorial and savanna types of climate. Numerous national parks, such as Banco National Park or Taï National Park, give the opportunity to enjoy wildlife and start an unforgettable adventure. The tropical rainforest, diverse ecosystems, and colorful culture enable the best experience ever.

What is more, travelers may try delicious cuisine – a mix of French sophistication and African traditionalism, when it comes to the techniques and ingredients. If you plan to visit this marvelous country, remember to prepare before the trip. Read all the necessary information and collect needed documents, such as a visa. In this article, you can learn more about interesting places in the Ivory Coast and decide what you would like to see.

Taï National Park

The Taï National Park is a vast reserve where many species, such as chimpanzees, hippopotamuses, or colobus monkeys, can be admired. The place protects over 3,000 square kilometers and is carved by river valleys, mountains, and Savannah. It is a perfect spot for nature lovers who crave to experience unforgettable adventures because it is declared as the largest primary rainforest in the whole West Africa.


Man is the port city situated in the western Ivory Coast between the Ko River and a mountainous area called Massif de Man. This rustic town offers a lot to all visitors, from the peaks of Tonkui and Tura, known as the highest mountains in the Ivory Coast, to mesmerizing waterfalls that characterize the natural beauty. What is more, you can delve into bamboo forests or the exciting culture of the city.


The city, as the second-largest metropolis in West Africa, is home to over four million people. Known as the "Paris of West Africa," it is a perfect spot for tourists who would like to feel the atmosphere of "lost glory".

Even though it is not the official capital, it offers much to travelers who can visit St Paul's Cathedral, National Museum, National Library, Banco National Park, or stroll along Princess Road, where fun and music are present.


This small UNESCO town, once the capital of the French Ivory Coast, is located near Abidjan and attracts many visitors thanks to its beautiful beach with resorts and restaurants around, where you can try traditional seafood meals or chicken with chips.

Also, it is good to consider urban exploration and see many of abandoned buildings and ruins, such as Ganamet House or Hotel de France. What is more, you can go to the National Museum of Costume, Victory Bridge, or Sacred Heart Cathedral.


San-Pédro is the second-largest port city in the Ivory Coast. Its energetic atmosphere and marvelous views make it another worth-seeing place in the country. Near, you can admire the nature of the Upper Guinean rainforests and beaches of Bas-Sassandra. Definitely, San-Pédro should be on your list.


The next spot worth visiting is Jacqueville, with its splendid beaches. There, you can see Parisian arcades and colonial buildings that decay under the palm trees. If you want to relax and feel the vibe of the seaside, this place is ideal for you. Besides, it is very close to Abidjan, so you can go to both spots.


The capital metropolis, Yamoussoukro, is another interesting destination. There, you can admire exceptional architecture with the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace, known as the largest Christian church in the world.

The city is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. Besides, there are many attractions there, such as crocodile’s Lake, Wildlife Reserve, and the weaver’s village.


Korhogo, also called Northern Savanna, is considered the fifth-largest city in the Ivory Coast. The best spots there are Péléforo Gbon Coulibaly Regional Museum, the Woodcarver's Quarter, and the Mosquée de Korhogo. It is good to take a local guide and let them show you traditional craft work in the villages.

Comoé National Park

This UNESCO World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve in the North-eastern part of the country serves as the largest protected zone in West Africa. Visitors are able to admire the nature there from meanders of the Comoé River, Savannah plains, thick forest, and many animals, such as leopards, monkeys, lions, and so much more.


Last but not least is Sassandra, with its wild beaches. Fishing and relaxation are the most popular activities there. Also, you can visit the market and port, stroll along the bridge, or try local food. There’s much to do and see in this magnificent place, so don’t hesitate.

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