Best Countries to Move to - Statistics [2022]

Below, you will find the latest statistics on the best countries to move to. Find out which country is the safest one, which one has the best quality of life, and where the costs of living are the lowest.

Moving to a new country can be an exciting adventure. You may have the opportunity to explore a new culture and make lifelong friendships. However, it can also be a challenge.

It's essential to take the time to research your destination and prepare for the transition so that you can get settled in quickly and start enjoying life in your new home.

According to World Population Review, in 2020, people chose the following destinations to move to:

  1. United States - 50.6 million
  2. Germany - 15.8 million
  3. Saudi Arabia - 13.5 million
  4. Russia - 11.6 million
  5. United Kingdom - 9.4 million
  6. United Arab Emirates - 8.7 million
  7. France - 8.5 million
  8. Canada - 8.0 million
  9. Australia - 7.7 million
  10. Spain - 6.8 million

If you want to live in a different country, you need to take into account criteria such as quality of life, affordability, natural beauty, and job prospects.

One of the first steps to take when moving abroad is to familiarize yourself with the local culture. Learn about the country's customs, holidays, language, and etiquette.

It's also important to research any potential legal or financial implications of living in a foreign country.

You should also take the time to find appropriate housing in your new country. Research different neighborhoods and rental options, so that you can find an area that suits your needs.

Additionally, make sure that you have access to basic amenities such as transportation, medical care, shopping centers, and schools.

Reasons why people decide to move to another country

People move to another country for different reasons, ranging from wanting to pursue educational possibilities and career development to seeking a better quality of life. 

Education is often the most common reason why people decide to relocate abroad. Studying in a different country can open up opportunities to learn a new language and explore different cultures.

A very common choice of students are countries such as The United States, The United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, France, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, Sweden, and The Netherlands due to the fact these systems of education are considered the best according to the 2021 Best Countries Report.

Career development is another reason why people may move abroad. Many countries provide greater job prospects and higher salaries. This often means that individuals can achieve their desired career goals more quickly and efficiently.

Finally, people may choose to move abroad to enjoy a better quality of life. This could mean living in an area with more affordable housing options and access to healthcare, transportation, and recreational activities.

Switzerland with a 195.06 Quality of Life Index score, Denmark with 194.15, and the Netherlands with 191.46 points have it all. Additionally, moving to another country can provide individuals with an opportunity for cultural exploration and experiencing a different way of life.

Top 10 safest countries (2022)

One factor that is very important for people who would like to move to a foreign country is the safety of a place.

Below we present a list of the safest countries according to the 2022 Global Peace Index (GPI), an annual report published by the Institute for Economics and Peace.

It measures the relative peacefulness of countries around the world (the lowest score is the best). So let's see the top 10 safest places:

  1. Iceland - 1.107
  2. New Zealand - 1.269
  3. Ireland  - 1.288
  4. Denmark - 1.296
  5. Austria  - 1.3
  6. Portugal - 1.301
  7. Slovenia - 1.316
  8. Czech Republic - 1.318
  9. Singapore - 1.326
  10. Japan - 1.336

If you are looking for safety, you will find it in Iceland. The place is not only famous for its low crime rate, but also beautiful scenery and hospitality. The culture of nonviolence is very strong there, so you can rest without worries. What is more, Iceland is in the first position on the list since 2008.

The second place belongs to New Zealand, which is a very safe country to visit and live in. Crime rates are low there, as is the risk of natural disasters, making it an ideal place to travel and settle down. Next are Ireland and Denmark, which offer much for everyone.

After that, there are other European countries such as Austria, Portugal, Slovenia, and the Czech Republic - marvelous locations with a lot of possibilities. Then, you can pick the Asian destinations. Singapore and Japan are perfect for everyone who wants to enjoy interesting cultures and stay secure.

It is worth noting that since 2008 Global peacefulness level deteriorated by 2% (with 75 countries that deteriorated and 86 countries that improved). The gaps between countries continue to grow, which could lead to problems in the future. When it comes to the peaceful region, Europe is one of the best places to pick for moving abroad.

Top 10 countries by Quality of life (2022)

Numbeo's Quality of Life Index is an invaluable tool when it comes to researching the quality of life of a place. The index considers various attributes, from the cost of living to safety and health care.

By calculating all of these factors, Numbeo can create a detailed picture of what life is like in any given location. According to it, the best destinations are:

  1. Switzerland - 195.06    
  2. Denmark - 194.15    
  3. Netherlands - 191.46    
  4. Australia - 190.72    
  5. Finland - 186.84    
  6. Iceland - 184.48    
  7. Norway - 179.63    
  8. Germany - 178.32    
  9. Austria - 178.06    
  10. New Zealand - 176.83

The quality of life in the above countries is very satisfactory, so in case you are looking for a safe place with possibilities and good healthcare, you should consider the above destinations. Besides general Numbeo's Quality of Life Index points, you can check other aspects such as Safety Index.

According to the list, the numbers are as follows:

  • Switzerland - 77.88
  • Denmark - 73.66
  • Netherlands - 72.43
  • Australia - 55.17
  • Finland - 73.16
  • Iceland - 75.70
  • Norway - 66.49
  • Germany - 62.99
  • Austria - 73.18
  • New Zealand - 55.39

We can see that there are significant disparities between countries when taking into account Safety Index.

Next is the Health Care Index:

  • Switzerland - 75.32
  • Denmark - 79.77
  • Netherlands - 75.93
  • Australia - 77.76
  • Finland  - 76.75
  • Iceland - 66.61
  • Norway - 77.08
  • Germany - 72.45
  • Austria - 76.19
  • New Zealand - 72.97

In this section, the numbers are similar, so all of the places offer relatively very good healthcare for their citizens.

Countries with the lowest cost of living

You can also think about countries with the lowest cost of living when it comes to moving out. It is a very tempting option for everyone who would like to live in an affordable place. So, according to Numbeo's data, living in the following places is the least expensive [cost of living (CoL) points are next to the locations]:

  1. Pakistan - 19.92
  2. Afghanistan - 20.37
  3. India - 24.43
  4. Colombia - 26.72
  5. Algeria - 26.87
  6. Kosovo - 27.43
  7. Uzbekistan - 27.31
  8. Tunisia - 27.87
  9. Nepal - 28.29
  10. Turkey - 28.31

We can also take into consideration rent, so the CoL will be as follows for the countries:

  • Pakistan - 12.42
  • Afghanistan - 12.09
  • India - 15.47
  • Colombia - 18.03
  • Algeria - 16.43
  • Uzbekistan - 18.86
  • Tunisia - 17.30
  • Nepal - 16.89
  • Turkey - 18.15

Besides, we can add average living costs in U.S. dollars:

  • Pakistan - $341
  • Afghanistan - $389
  • India - $432
  • Colombia - $592
  • Algeria - $392
  • Uzbekistan - $502
  • Tunisia - $408
  • Nepal - $385
  • Turkey - $440

Living in a cheap country has many advantages, especially for people who are on a tight budget. One of the biggest benefits is that you can live a comfortable lifestyle for much less money than someone in a more expensive country. The cost of entertainment and leisure activities is often lower, allowing one to enjoy more things without breaking the bank.


People move to foreign countries for various reasons. Some common motivations include pursuing educational and career opportunities, cultural enrichment, seeking a better quality of life, or even escaping political oppression. If you want to try living in a foreign country, you need to take into consideration many factors, as well as individual preferences. You can pick a place that is very safe, cheap, or focus on the quality of life.

No matter why you move abroad, taking the time to plan properly is essential. Understanding local regulations and laws, researching employment options, and respecting cultural norms are all important elements to think about before a trip. With preparation, moving abroad can be a rewarding adventure with numerous benefits.


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