Insider guide to airport amenities: Maximizing comfort of your travel

Airport amenities are services that aim to make the travel experience more comfortable.

Airport amenities are services that aim to make the travel experience more comfortable. They differ depending on the specific airport and include plenty of seating areas, access to power outlets, shopping zones, luggage services, and more. Facilities are significant points, especially when you have to spend a couple of hours waiting for the next flight. Thanks to them, you can use time effectively or even try something new.

Lounge services

A lounge is a place at the airport that is perfect for passengers who are interested in luxurious trips. It offers a lot, from food, beverages, showers to spacious areas where you can sit comfortably and conference rooms. If you are interested in the benefits of lounges, you can book services online, which is convenient and intuitive.


Attractions of airports can make time more pleasant. Theaters, exhibitions, museums, art installations, or even gardens are available in some places, so you won’t be bored. Also, check the newest events held on the official websites. For example, Santa Monica Airport offers a monthly open art studio program. Besides, you can come across live performances, video game rooms, and more.

Children facilities

Good news for adults who travel with children – many airports provide a lot of amenities for minors and their guardians/parents. Playgrounds, lockable rooms with feeding chairs, changing tables, etc., vending machines, free prams, games, and so on. Journeying with kids is challenging, and such options are extremely useful. Don’t stress out and enjoy your waiting time at the airport with your children.

Animal-friendly solutions

Trips can be demanding, especially when you take your animals with you. Fortunately, some airports are adjusted for the needs of pets and their owners. Kraków Airport offers a pet park with benches, baskets, and a drinking fountain; at the Denver International Airport, you can use private restrooms for pets, while Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport terminals have several pet relief areas.

Fast tracks

The services of fast tracks are the best solutions for those who want to avoid hassle at the airport. Enjoy quick procedures, limit stress, and count on the professional assistance of an agent. Fast Track can be booked via website; the process is quick and simple, so you won’t have problems. You can pick an arrival or departure option and forget about confusion and nervousness.


You can stay connected at the airport. Free Wi-Fi spots are very common, as well as charging stations in case your device's battery is dying. Moreover, you may find special spaces for laptops so you can finish your tasks, play, or watch something while waiting.

Hygiene and medical spaces

Refreshing during a stay at the airport is another great option. You can use showers, spas, and even wellness centers. Besides, sometimes first aid/medical stations or pharmacies are available, which is an additional advantage.

Restaurants and shops

If you have some time before the departure, you can try food at the restaurant or just go shopping. Airports usually have places where it’s possible to buy some things, such as souvenirs, and eat out. We recommend visiting the official airport websites and checking detailed lists of available shops.

One-of-a-kind amenities

Certain airports provide something more than standard facilities. For instance, you can join a yoga studio at the San Francisco International Airport, see the giant aquarium at the Vancouver International Airport, relax in the pool or jacuzzi at the Changi Airport, go to a beer garden at the Munich International Airport, or visit a cultural center at the Incheon International Airport.

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