Traveling on a student budget: Student Visa

Traveling as a student may be challenging, especially when your finances are limited. However, there are many solutions that can help you enjoy the trip on a small budget.

Traveling as a student may be challenging, especially when your finances are limited. However, there are many solutions that can help you enjoy the trip on a small budget. Just don’t forget about the necessary documents, such as a visa, if you decide to study or explore places abroad. Read all the essential information and prepare beforehand to avoid financial fines and legal consequences.

What is a student visa and why it’s important?

A student visa is a special permit for those who visit a foreign country for educational purposes. Before applying for it, you need to be accepted at a certain school and prepare all the necessary documents, such as a valid passport.

Student visas are considered non-immigrant permits, so specific rules must be followed to obtain a status and stay in the country legally. Usually, they don’t grant the same rights/privileges as citizenship.

To obtain a student visa, you should apply for a study program, contact the nearest embassy/consulate, collect all the documents (passport, application form, photos, proof of admission, evidence of financial means, etc.), cover the fee, and take part in a student interview. Then, wait for further instructions.

Tips for traveling on a student budget

Be flexible

Consider affordable options and be open to new experiences. Traveling on a budget can be rewarding, especially when you pick up a bargain. Use applications and websites to check for the best prices. Also, be flexible with your travel dates. Sometimes it is better to change plans to optimize the financial budget. There are many cheap spots and free attractions that you can find online. Don’t limit yourself to different possibilities.

Consider accommodations

Guesthouses, youth hostels, and vacation rentals may be the best choices for traveling students. Many websites, such as Airbnb or, offer cheap accommodation options. As your budget may be limited, you should look for affordable places. Avoid fancy hotels, as staying there is very expensive.

Pack wisely

You can save money on baggage fees if you decide to pack lightly. Furthermore, if your luggage is not heavy, you don’t need to worry about how to transport it, as it’s more convenient to carry it around.

Do a list of must-have items so you won't forget about travel essentials. Consider packing snacks to avoid buying them at overpriced shops. Also, get clothing that may be mixed for different outfits to avoid wasting space in a bag.

Use student discounts

There are many discounts for students available. Remember to have your student ID card, which can be useful in many places, such as museums, art galleries, transportation, restaurants, and attractions. You can use some applications to check where and what kind of options are available. Moreover, ask for discounts. Sometimes, private companies don’t display such information but still offer a reduction in costs.

Don’t forget about documents

The most crucial thing during traveling is gathering all the needed documents. Without a valid passport, tickets, and a visa (if necessary), you won't be able to go abroad without inconvenience. Firstly, check all the information on the official websites. Then, collect all the required permits and prepare for your trip. Pack luggage and create an itinerary, considering the cheapest places and available discounts.

Travel with friends and prepare the food

You can save money by traveling in a group. Split the cost of transportation, accommodation, and meals, so the trip will be automatically cheaper. What is more, you may cook by yourself. Dishes at restaurants are costly, and by preparing food, you are able to save money. Buy affordable products and try something new. It can be an effective and reasonably priced opportunity.

Book in advance

Booking in advance is the best method for those who want to cut traveling costs. Reservations for attractions, accommodation, or transportation may be made earlier and, thus, can be less expensive. This strategy should be taken into consideration by everybody who wishes for an affordable experience.

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