Happiest City Index – Best Places to Travel in 2023

You can take into account the Happiest City Index and visit the destinations that meet the expectations of many.

We all dream of the perfect holiday, and sometimes, it is not so easy to pick the right place. Everything can be well-planned, from accommodation to locations and attractions, or done spontaneously without an itinerary, depending on individual preferences. In each case, you can take into account the Happiest City Index and visit the destinations that meet the expectations of many.

Now, you don?t need to worry about where to go on vacation. Just check the places below considered the happiest and choose the one that is perfect for you.

What is the Happiest City Index?

The Happiest City Index measures the living conditions of certain places worldwide. There are many factors that influence the happiness of the inhabitants, such as education, policies, mobility, economy, environmental protection, costs of living, sunshine, openness of locals, or innovations.

Thanks to the meticulous research of human behaviors and relation to the region, we can know more and try to change things for the better. The index exists in order to help cities thrive and fight unfair prejudice around the world. Also, the data are collected year by year to understand patterns of people?s paths and create better relationships.

One of the Happiest Cities in the World

Sydney, Brisbane, and Canberra in Australia

Three Australian cities are in the golden ?happiest? cities section. It means that the country offers a lot not only for residents but also travelers. Before the trip, remember to obtain all the necessary documents, like a valid passport or an eTA Australia ? an electronic travel authorization designed for foreign nationals.

No wonder that Sydney is so high on the list. This city is known for its quality of life. It is very safe (the crime rate is very low there), beautiful, and an excellent choice for tourists, as it has fantastic beaches, climate, and attractions, such as the Opera House or Harbor Bridge.

The next places from Australia are Brisbane and Canberra. The first offers the city Botanic Gardens, Roma Street Parkland, or Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, while the second Australian War Memorial, National Museum, and galleries. In summary, whether you want to immerse in nature and history or simply relax, you won't be bored in those places.

Toronto, Vancouver, Vaughan, and Montreal in Canada

Canadian cities are among the happiest cities as well. In this case, travelers also must prepare beforehand. Firstly, they need to meet the entry requirements, such as getting a valid passport and valid eTA Canada. There are a lot of places in the country that are doing well in the ranking, so tourists have a big choice.

Toronto is considered one of the most multicultural hubs in the world. The diversity of cultures and traditions can satisfy everyone. Visit CN Tower, the Royal Ontario Museum, or Ripley's Aquarium of Canada and begin your adventure.

Besides, you can go to Vancouver, Vaughan, and Montreal, as those cities also are in the top tier in the ranking of happiest places. There are a lot of options there for tourists who can enjoy unforgettable adventures and a joyful mood.

Istanbul in Turkey

The Turkey Capital is the next city that should be considered by travelers who would like to visit joyful destinations. Istanbul is on the bronze list of the happiest cities in the world and is a marvelous place for tourists, as there is a lot there to experience. You can admire Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, and the Galata Tower. If you plan to visit the country, don?t forget about getting a valid passport and a Turkey eVisa.

New York and Washington DC in the United States of America

American cities also rank highly as happy spots. New York and Washington DC should be included in your travel plans if you want to visit the USA. Those dynamic places are well-known for their attractions, wonders of architecture (like the Chrysler Building or Grand Central Terminal), and bustling lifestyles. Visitors definitely won?t forget this epic journey and will be able to share their contentment.

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