Bahrain Visa for Indian Citizens

Bahrain visa for Indian citizens explained, from costs, processing time, visa requirements to an online application guide.

Bahrain Visa for Indian Citizens

The Kingdom of Bahrain, an archipelago located in the Persian Gulf, is now open to Indian citizens to explore. All Indian citizens need a visa to enter Bahrain and to become a Bahrain tourist.

eVisa to Bahrain can be obtained within 5 business days, and the process can be completed entirely from home! Read on to learn more about eVisa for Bahrain for all Indian citizens. What visa requirements do you need to meet, how to complete the application process, and what are Bahrain visa types.

eVisa to Bahrain for Indian citizens

The following information is crucial for all Indian citizens to know before applying online. In this section, you will learn about visa to Bahrain types, costs, and processing time.

Visa to Bahrain types

All Indian citizens can choose between three different eVisa to Bahrain types. Each one defines the length of your stay in Bahrain and the number of times that you can enter the country freely.

  • a single-entry visa for 14 days spent in Bahrain (69 Euro)
  • a multiple-entry visa with each stay no longer than 30 days (109 Euro)
  • a multiple-entry visa with each stay no longer than 90 days (249 Euro)

The multiple-entry visa types are valid for 3 months (109 Euro) and 12 months (249 Euro). All travellers who use one of the above described electronic tourist visa must make the first entrance to Bahrain happen within the first monthof the eVisa issue.

eVisa to Bahrain processing time

Bahrain visa processing time may take up to 5 business days and may depend on how well you fill an online application form. Suppose you provide your data correctly in the application form, and you meet all of the visa requirements for Indian citizens. In that case, the average time of processing applications when applying with us is just 46 hours!

Our services provide electronic visa permits for countries worldwide in the most effortless way out there! A team of qualified experts is double-checking all of the applications to ensure successful eVisa approval, which can be seen on the successful application rate that is 95%!

Bahrain visa requirements for Indian citizens

Indian citizens who wish to visit Bahrain have to meet basic visa requirements and submit additional documents to prove that they are eligible to enter Bahrain. Being passport holders is not enough in that case.

First, prepare the basics:

  • a valid passport for at least 6 months from the planned departure date. Attach a scan of the bio-data page of your valid passport to the application form.
  • an active e-mail address to have access to eVisa to Bahrain permit once it's approved and sent to your inbox.
  • proof of the return ticket
  • proof of onward ticket if you're travelling through Bahrain while transiting to another country

Additional documents to prepare for Indian citizens

As an Indian citizen, you will have to prepare a couple more things to make your application successful. From your valid passport, take a scan or a photograph of these two additional pages:

  1. the photo page
  2. the last page of your passport

Besides these pages from your valid passport, all Indian citizens have to prepare one more additional document for their application, and that is a stamped bank statement. The statement has to be under the applicant's name and has to prove that the applicant has at least the equivalent of 300 BD (about $800) as a balance from the last three months.

Applying online for Indian citizens

Prepare all the necessary for application documents and a working device with a stable internet connection. Once you have all that, start the application process by:

  • Filling in the visa application form with your data, all of the information that needs to be provided in the form and put in your e-mail address. Then, attach the documents that are obligatory to attach for all Indian citizens to get a visa.
  • Choose one of the several payment methods available on our website and pay the service fee to obtain a Bahrain visa. Visa charges differ between the visa types, as was described earlier.
  • The last step of the visa application process is to check your inbox. Immediately after your payment registers, you will receive a confirmation number that you can check the eVisa processing status with. Within a maximum of 5 business days, eVisa to Bahrain will arrive directly at your inbox in a PDF version.

To enter Bahrain, you must obtain a visa permit. Apply online to get your visa quickly. Choose the visa type that suits your needs best; whether you wish to travel to Bahrain for 30 days, 14 days, or even 90 days multiple times, Bahrain eVisa opens all of these possibilities to all Indian citizens.

If you have ever dreamed of gazing into the horizon on one of the Bahrain tropical beaches, or maybe you want to explore the mysterious Bahrain deserts, eVisa to Bahrain will enable you to experience all of that and so much more!

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