Zimbabwe Visa Types

According to the visa policy of the Republic of Zimbabwe, all travelers who doesn't have visa-free access must get an approved visa to enter the country.

There are many Zimbabwe visa types that serve various purposes. Visas to Zimbabwe can also be distinguished according to the number of entries: there are single-entries, double-entries, and multiple-entries types.

Still, it's not always mandatory to attend a consulate or embassy in person, as for eligible citizens, visas for short-term purposes are available online.

This way, you can apply for a tourist e-Visa, business e-Visa, conference e-Visa, transit e-Visa, and KAZA UniVisa through an easy online visa application. It's enough to fill out the form, pay the fee, and wait for the electronic visa to be sent to the email address.

Follow the article for further information on each visa type to Zimbabwe. Who knows, maybe you'll pick a Zimbabwe visa for yourself!

Visa types according to the purpose

Tourist Visa

The tourist visa for Zimbabwe allows visiting Zimbabwe for leisure and holidays matters, sightseeing, exploring the country, meeting relatives and friends, as well as other private activities.

It is issued in a single-entry type and as a double-entry visa valid for 3 months.

Business Visa

The business visa is designed for persons to enter Zimbabwe for running a business or performing services like consultancy.

This visa type is effective for 30 days from the issuance date. It cannot be renewed. The business visa has two categories – a single- and double-entry ones.

Conference Visa

The conference visa for Zimbabwe is for those who visit Zimbabwe to attend conferences, seminars, or workshops.

Conference visas are given for a single entry, a double entry, or multiple entries. It has a validity of up to six months. The maximum stay with this visa is 30 days. It cannot be renewed inside the country.

You cannot get employed under the conference visa.

Transit Visa

Sometimes travelers are entering Zimbabwe only to have a transit to get to another country. In such cases, they need to get a transit entry visa.

It can be obtained on a single or double-entry basis. This type stays effective for 7 days at most.

Note that you don't need a transit visa as long as you don't leave the transit zone.

KAZA UniVisa

The KAZA UniVisa enables eligible foreigners to visit both Zimbabwe and Zambia. It serves tourism and business purposes.

With this visa type, you don't have to decide in advance what your travel plans might be, as you can enter these two countries whenever you want during the visa validity period. It also saves you from the hassle of applying for two different visas.

The KAZA UniVisa has a validity of 30 days and allows entering Zimbabwe and Zambia numerous times.

Other visa types to Zimbabwe

Also, there are other visa types for Zimbabwe, for which you can apply at the nearest embassy or consulate: a student visa, permanent resident visa, work visa, journalist visa, cultural, film crew and sports visa, retirement visa, official visit visa, and merchant seaman visa.

Visa types according to the number of entries

Single-entry visa

If you have a single-entry visa for Zimbabwe, that means that you are able to cross the territory of Zimbabwe only once. After you enter Zimbabwe, you cannot reenter it with a single-entry visa, even if it still stays valid.

Double-entry visa

With a double-entry visa, you can visit the country two times within the validity period mentioned in the visa. Each visit mustn't exceed the allowed period.

Multiple-entry visa

With a multiple-entry visa, you can reenter Zimbabwe as many times as you want, the main thing is that your visa and passport stay valid during your trips.

Requirements for Zimbabwe visa

The Zimbabwe visa application form may require you to meet the following requirements and attach some of the documents below:

  • fully filled-in application form
  • a passport valid for a minimum of 6 months from the arrival date
  • a face photograph
  • a current email address
  • proof of residence in the country of origin
  • previous Zimbabwe visa (if relevant)
  • sufficient funds to support yourself
  • flight ticket reservation
  • hotel booking
  • police character certificate
  • an invitation letter from a company in Zimbabwe
  • an invitation letter from a company that employed an applicant
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