USA ESTA Requirements for Citizens of France

USA Visa Waiver requirements for French citizens could not be more straightforward. Travelers from France who plan to visit the States can do it visa-free as members of the USA Visa Waiver Program. However, they need to obtain an ESTA, which stands for the Electronic System for Travel Authorization.

French nationals are one of the 40 countries participating in the VWP. In practice, it means that they can travel to the USA without a regular visa. Instead, they need to obtain an ESTA online - a travel authorization issued for two years that allows numerous entries to the States. 

French applicants just need to complete an ESTA online form and receive the approved electronic visa waiver in their inbox. An online application is straightforward and very intuitive. It should not take more than 15 minutes.

Applicants from France need to prepare valid passports and fill out an online form. A working electronic device with a stable Internet connection is essential to submit an ESTA application.

USA ESTA requirements for French citizens


Documents necessary for French citizens to complete the US ESTA application include:

  • a valid French passport
  • access to any means of online payment to pay the ESTA processing fee
  • an active email address

The moment the ESTA application is positively processed, it becomes digitally linked to the passport of an applicant. Every French citizen must present a valid passport when entering the States. 

Important note: ESTA remains valid for two years. However, when the passport expires first, the ESTA will automatically become invalid too. 

How to apply for the USA ESTA from France?

French applicants simply need to prepare their valid passports to start filling out an online application form. The process of applying consists of the following steps:

  1. Provide the required details: passport data, including passport number, some travel-related information, and email address.
  2. Pay the ESTA handling fee: choose one of the available means of online payment and pay the 49 Euro service fee.
  3. Go to your inbox: after completing the two above-described steps, go to your email inbox and check if the number confirming your application was delivered. 

It is extremely important to provide correct data in the online form to avoid the possibility of delays or denial of your ESTA application. Check the information entered twice before clicking the 'Submit' button!

USA ESTA processing time and fees for French citizens

The average time the French must wait to have their ESTA applications processed is about 24 hours. Nevertheless, every applicant should apply at least three business days before a trip to the USA to receive the electronic visa on time

All ESTA applicants need to cover the 49 Euro processing fee. The same fee is charged for all applicants, no matter their nationality. The fee is collected to handle all the formalities related to getting the ESTA visa waiver approval.

How long can French citizens stay in the USA with an ESTA?

French citizens who receive the ESTA approval can use it numerous times within two years from its issue date. Every ESTA holder can stay up to 90 days each time in the USA. Depending on the travel needs,  ESTA can be used to cover tourism, business, or transit purposes


  • ESTA application processing can take up to 72 hours - it is necessary to submit an online form at least three business days in advance
  • Every traveler to the USA needs to complete a separate ESTA application
  • Holders of ESTA are not allowed to take up employment in the USA
  • The passport cannot expire throughout the entire duration of your trip to the States

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