USA ESTA Visa Waiver Requirements for Finnish Citizens

The American Visa Waiver Program has been facilitating the life of many foreigners traveling to the United States since 2009. The American Government introduced this program to pre-screen travelers crossing the US borders.

Finland is one of the ESTA eligible countries, which means Finnish citizens can enter the States without the need to obtain a regular visa.

ESTA USA Visa Waiver requirements for Finnish citizens are basic and can be easily met by all applicants. They just need to fill out an online ESTA form by providing essential personal and travel-related details. Applicants from Finland no longer need to bother themselves with Embassy appointments before visiting the US!

The USA Electronic System for Travel Authorization is a multiple-entry permit. Its holders can enter the States numerous times within two years of its validity period or until their passport expiration

USA ESTA requirements for Finnish citizens

Stable internet connection, valid email address, and access to any online payment method are the three basic things that every Finnish citizen must have to complete the online ESTA application process.

As ESTA requirements were reduced to a minimum regarding the necessary documents, all Finnish citizens simply need a valid passport to complete an online ESTA application. 

Important note: Upon entering the States, all foreign visitors may be asked to provide a physical copy of their passports with the approved ESTA linking directly to this document.

How to apply for the USA ESTA from Finland?

To start the application process, click on the 'Apply Online' button, you will be redirected to the online application form. You will need to follow a few simple steps to submit your ESTA application successfully. These steps include:

  1. Providing basic personal and passport data, including passport number and email address, as well as some information related to your trip to the US. 
  2. Covering the ESTA application handling fee of 49 Euro. 
  3. Checking your email inbox for the confirmation number.

The confirmation number is necessary to check your application status since it confirms that your application form was successfully submitted. Make sure to check your email inbox and contact our support team if you haven't received it. 

Your approved ESTA will also be delivered via email too.

USA ESTA processing time and fees for Finnish citizens

On average, Finnish citizens can expect to get their ESTA approval within 24 hours. However, the standard time to process every application is 72 business hours. That is why every Finnish citizen should remember to apply for their ESTA at least 3 business days in advance!

The USA Electronic System for Travel Authorization costs only 49 Euro. The fee is charged for all the formalities that our visa experts will need to arrange on your behalf so that you can get your ESTA delivered directly to your inbox on time!

The price is the same for all countries participating in the US Visa Waiver Program, no matter the country of their origin.

How long can Finnish citizens stay in the USA with an ESTA?

Finnish citizens can plan numerous visits to the USA throughout two years of the ESTA validity period. Every single stay can last even up to 3 months (90 days). The validity starts from the visa issuance date. Holders of ESTA can enter and exit the States according to their travel needs as long as they cover business, tourism, or transit purposes

The moment the passport of the electronic visa holder expires, linked to it ESTA automatically becomes invalid too. To travel to the USA one more time, it will be necessary to submit a new ESTA application and get a new valid permit. 

Important notes

  • ESTA application must be submitted at least 72 business hours before the intended date of arrival in the US
  • One approved ESTA belongs only to one person - all Finnish applicants need to submit separate applications for each traveler
  • Please do remember that ESTA does not entitle its holder to take up employment in the States!
  • Make sure that your passport will remain valid through your entire stay in the USA

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