Uganda Visa Types

Uganda Visa Types

The visa waiver program allows nationals of certain countries to enter Uganda visa-free, but any other person willing to travel to the country must use visa services.

There are different visa types available that allow its holders to visit Uganda. They depend on the purpose of travel and the intended period of stay.

The application process and requirements also are different for each type. Still, there are some basic documents necessary for all visas. All applicants must have a valid passport that stays effective for at least 6 months from the arrival date.

Also, each application should contain a recent passport photograph and yellow fever vaccination certificate. Other supporting documents may include proof of financial means, onward ticket, recommendation letters, copy of booking or reservation, etc.

Tourist, transit, and East Africa eVisas can be obtained online through the website. Travelers can get multiple-entry visas in Uganda only, regardless of the purpose of the visit (private or business), and the others are issued at the abroad diplomatic and consular missions of Uganda.

Read the article to get more details about tourist, diplomatic and official, transit, multiple-entry, and East Africa tourist visas, and their requirements.


The Uganda electronic visa was implemented by the Uganda government to make the application process for eligible travelers much easier.

An applicant has to fulfill several simple steps: fill out the online form, attach supporting documents, pay the fee, and check the inbox for the approved visa.

Uganda offers such eVisas, as a tourist single-entry eVisa, transit eVisa, and East African Tourist eVisa.

Tourist eVisa (Single-Entry)

The tourist visa is designed for travelers who want to travel to Uganda for tourism purposes, business handling, studies, visiting family members, etc.

This visa is single-entry and is issued for 3 months (90 days). The required documents depend on the specific purpose of travel.

A visafor tourism purposes requests such additional documents as a tour plan, travel itinerary/booking, as well as hotel booking or reservation. If a traveler plans to stay in accommodation other than a hotel, they need to provide its address.

For a business visa, which involves attending meetings and conferences, one needs a letter stating business in Uganda and its address.

A visa for studies in Uganda requires its applicants to present invitation and admission letters from the educational institution.

An application for a family visit permit must include a letter of invitation, hotel booking/reservation/other accommodation address, and proof of the immigration status of the host.

The tourist single-entry visa can be extended for another 2 months (60 days) in 2 intervals. An applicant can extend this visa online or at the headquarters and the Regional Immigration offices.

Transit eVisa

A transit visa is intended for such situations when a traveler needs to go to Uganda only to get from there to their next destination, so Uganda is used as a transit point in their travel.

Besides the standard required documents, it is necessary to add to the application form a letter explaining the reason for transit and country of destination.

Uganda transit visa stays valid for 2 days.

East African Tourist eVisa

An East Africa tourist visa perfectly fits travelers who are willing to travel not only to Uganda but also to Kenya and Rwanda.

East African visa enables its holders to have numerous visits during the validity period. This visa type stays effective for 3 months (90 days) from the date of issuance. It cannot be renewed upon expiry or upon exit from the block of Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda.

Note that your first point of entry must be the country that issued the East Africa tourist visa. For example, if it's Uganda that issued this visa, you must enter Uganda first, and then you can to Kenya and Rwanda.

To complete the application for an East Africa visa, you need to provide a return ticket and a travel itinerary.

Diplomatic And Official Visa

Diplomatic and official visas are issued to holders of diplomatic, official, and service passports who need to visit Uganda on official business or duties. They also can be granted to holders of ordinary passports exempt from immigration fees.

For diplomatic visas, it's needed to attach a Diplomatic Note (Note Verbale), while official visa applications must be supported with appropriate official documents.

Multiple-Entry Visa

Multiple-entry visas can be a great choice for those people who visit Uganda pretty often and constantly need to reenter the country.

This visa type allows numerous entries within the validity period. A multiple-entry visa is available in the following categories: for 6 months, 12 months, or 24 months.

To apply for this visa, one should prepare such attachments, as valid police clearance from the home country, a recommendation letter from one or two referees in Uganda, a cover letter describing reasons for multiple entries, and proof of entries and exits into Uganda within the last one year.

You cannot get employed on a multiple-entry visa.

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