Turkey e-Visa for UAE Citizens

In the past, traveling to Turkey from non-visa-free countries required going through complicated procedures to get a traditional visa. In practice, it meant visiting the Turkish Embassy located in a traveler's home country and spending long hours applying there.

Fortunately, since 2013, this troublesome and time-consuming process is no longer necessary for all international travelers from countries classified as eligible for the Turkey e-Visa. Among the lucky ones are nationals of the United Arab Emirates.

Turkey e-Visa for UAE citizens is an official electronic travel authorization allowing numerous short-term entries to Turkey. Citizens of the United Arab Emirates can apply for their e-Visa for Turkey with a valid passport, Internet-accessed electronic device, and an active email address.

The entire application procedure requires no Embassy visits and takes only a couple of minutes. Save your time and energy! Apply online for your e-Visa to Turkey and enjoy your electronic travel document approved within 3 business days or even earlier!

How to apply for an e-Visa to Turkey from UAE?

When applying from the United Arab Emirates, prepare your passport, electronic device, check the Internet connection and go to the left-hand panel on our website. Next, click on the 'Apply Online' button and follow these 3 steps:

  1. Provide the required details: The first thing you should do is to fill in all of the fields of the application form correctly, without leaving any blanks or typing errors. It is essential to provide accurate information about your passport details, contact phone number, email address, etc. This will help avoid delays with the processing of your e-Visa.
  2. Cover the processing fee: Choose your preferred method of payment from the available ones and pay 129 EUR. Soon after covering the fee, you should receive an email containing the number of your application. It is a confirmation that your application was submitted. You can use this number to check the progress of your e-Visa while it's processing.
  3. Check your email systematically: Your e-Visa will arrive in your inbox very soon. The PDF file with the electronic visa may have already been delivered. Do not forget to refresh your email frequently after applying!

The Turkish authorities require to show a printed-out version of the Turkish e-Visa upon arrival in the country. Remember to print it out and take it with you for your trip.

Turkey e-Visa processing time and fees for UAE citizens


Completing the Turkish e-Visa application process takes a couple of minutes, while the standard time needed to process an application is 72 business hours. Nevertheless, very often, our customers can receive the approved e-Visa within 19 hours or even earlier! Make sure your application form is free from any errors and enjoy quick approval.


The nationality of the applicant determines the fee required for the Turkey e-Visa. UAE residents and nationals need to pay 129 EUR as the processing fee. The fee can be covered using one of several methods of online payment available on our website.

How long can UAE citizens stay in Turkey with an e-Visa?

Since UAE residents and nationals are eligible for a multiple-entry Turkish online visa, they can enter Turkey numerous times and stay up to 3 months with each visit. They must use their electronic visa within 180 days, starting from the date of its issuance.

Turkey e-Visa requirements for UAE citizens


All UAE residents and nationals are only required to be holders of valid UAE passports. They need to check if the passport is not to expire within at least 6 months after the planned date of entry to Turkey.

UAE passport holders do not need to upload any other supporting documents.


  • Upon arrival to Turkey, all UAE nationals need to have at hand a valid passport and a printed-out copy of a valid online Turkish visa.
  • Travelers from the United Arab Emirates who wish to leave the transit zone when transiting through Turkey to another country will need to apply for an online visa. Transit visa-free is only possible if you stay within the transit zone.
  • Applicants from the United Arab Emirates should remember that every Turkish visa application form should be submitted 3 business days in advance of the planned trip to Turkey.
  • All foreign visitors to Turkey, no matter the age, need a separate visa. Nevertheless, underage travelers cannot submit an application form on their own. Their parents or legal guardians should do it on their behalf.

Is it safe to use Evisa Express to get a Turkey e-Visa?

  • Basic requirements: When applying online, you only need a valid United Arab Emirates passport, working electronic device with Internet access, valid means of online payment, and an active email address.
  • Professional assistance: Anytime you encounter any problems when submitting an online application, you do not have to worry. Contact our support team, and let our consultants help to resolve any problematic issues related to your e-Visa online form.
  • Intuitive and quick application process: Grab your passport, sit back in your chair, and spend around 15 minutes on our website. Filling out the online application consists of three simple steps that can be easily completed from home.
  • 99% approval rate:It is very unlikely that your application will fail to be approved. We will do our utmost to link you with your travel document on time.
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