Turkey e-Visa for Saudi Arabia Citizens

Since 2016, when electronic visas were introduced in Turkey, travelers from Saudi Arabia can obtain their Turkish visas online. Turkey e-Visa for Saudi Arabia citizens is a multiple-entry visa, issued either for tourism or business-related purposes.

Negotiating a key contract for your company, attending a business conference, exploring tourist attractions, visiting friends and family - all of these activities can be within your reach with the Turkish electronic visa obtainable online from the comfort of your home in Saudi Arabia.

Apply for Turkey visa online and receive it within 3 business days, or even earlier! e-Visa application means no Embassy visits whatsoever as it may be completed entirely online.

Saudi Arabian citizens do not need more documents apart from a valid passport to submit an application for a Turkish e-Visa from home.

How to apply for an e-Visa to Turkey from Saudi Arabia?

Click on the 'Apply Online' button and follow the 3 steps listed below:

  1. Provide the necessary data: Enter your personal and passport details into the application form. In addition to filling out your contact information, it is essential that you provide a valid email address as this is how we will communicate the results of your application.
  2. Pay the processing fee: Once you have entered all of the required data and ensured that the form is error-free, pay the 129 EUR fee for the processing costs. You may use your credit or debit card or pay using any other available means of online payment that you prefer. Please sit back and wait once the fee is paid as our team of expert specialists will take care of the rest.
  3. Check your inbox: Go to your email and check for the message containing the confirmation number. This number is necessary to be able to follow the progress of your application status. Once the Turkish authorities approve your application, your e-Visa will be emailed to your inbox too. Print your electronic travel document out and bring it with you to the airport control.

Turkey e-Visa processing time and fees for Saudi Arabia citizens


The standard time to process Turkey e-Visa applications is 3 business days. Nevertheless, the exact time depends mainly on the correctness of the information entered in the online visa form. Submitting the error-free online form may speed up your application process and result in receiving an e-Visa much earlier. On average, within 19 business hours.


Saudi Arabian citizens need to cover the processing fee of 129 EUR. There are various means of secure online payment to do so.

How long can Saudi Arabia citizens stay in Turkey with an e-Visa?

The allowed period of stay that an e-Visa applicant is allowed varies according to their nationality. In the case of Saudi Arabian citizens, it is 90 days, as they are eligible for a multiple-entry visa.

Saudi Arabian passport holders can use their approved e-Visas for Turkey numerous times as long as their visas and passports remain valid. The validity period starts to be counted on the e-Visa's issuance date and lasts 180 days.

Turkey e-Visa requirements for Saudi Arabia citizens


Applicants from Saudi Arabia only need to be passport holders as it is the only document necessary to complete the Turkey e-Visa application. Your passport needs to remain valid for at least 6 months following the planned entry to Turkey.


  • No matter the traveler's age, all passengers are obliged to have a valid visa to enter Turkey. Applications on behalf of underage travelers must be made by their legal guardians or parents.
  • Transit through Turkey can be completed visa-free. Nevertheless, if a traveler plans to exit the transit zone, applying for an electronic visa is necessary.
  • Travelers to Turkey planning to take up any form of employment need to know that an electronic visa does not cover it. For working purposes, they need to visit the Turkish Embassy and obtain a regular visa.
  • There is no option for the Turkey e-Visa extension. Moreover, overstaying it can result in very serious consequences, e.g., fines or deportation.

Is it safe to use Evisa Express to get a Turkey e-Visa?

Yes, indeed! You can enjoy your online visa in just 3 intuitive steps that will not take more than 15 minutes of your time. Should your application require some corrections, do not worry! Our consultants will make it for you cost-free. Please also remember that you can always contact us if you have any questions or doubts.

99% of our customers can confirm that their applications were positively processed. Do not wait too long, and remember to apply for your e-Visa to Turkey at least 3 business days ahead of your journey! We are here to handle your visa issues and provide you with the best online visa experience possible.

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