Thailand Visa Types

Now, when most restrictions have been lifted, the flow of travelers to Thailand increased and created bigger demand for visas. Of course, citizens from countries with visa exemption can enjoy visa-free travel, but other people wishing to visit Thailand have to apply for a visa.

An eligible traveler can apply for an eVisa online via a speedy and easy application process. Usually, it is necessary to fill out the application form and attach the necessary supporting documents, for example, a valid passport, face photograph, fully-paid tickets, evidence of adequate finance, a letter from a company, etc.

Then it's necessary to cover the fee and wait for processing. The approved eVisa is sent directly to the applicant's email address as a PDF document. 

The needed type of eVisa depends on such factors as the applicant's citizenship, the intended period of stay, and the purpose of travel.

There are 9 general types of eVisas in Thailand: tourist eVisa, business and investor eVisa, non-immigrant ED, non-immigrant O, transit eVisa, long-stay eVisa, smart eVisa, non-immigrant F, and diplomatic/official eVisa.

Tourist eVisa

The tourist visa is issued for people who want to travel to Thailand for tourism, short visits to family and friends, medical treatment in registered medical facilities, and participants of MICE (Meeting, Incentives, Convention & Exhibitions) supported by TCEB.

The single-entry tourist visa stays valid for 3 months, while multiple-one supposes numerous visits within a 6-month period. Both categories permit to stay for up to 60 days each time.

It is possible to apply for this type of visa in the Thai embassy or consulate, fill out the form online, or get it on arrival.

Business and Investor eVisa

The business visa is designed for those intending to set or conduct business or work. It is possible to apply for a single-entry visa valid for 90 days and a multiple-entry one whose validity ranges from 3 months to one year. The maximum permitted period of stay for each time is 90 days.

The investment visa is for foreigners who bring THB 10 million into the country by one investment or a combination of purchasing a condominium or property, buying government bonds or putting it into a fixed deposit account in a Thai bank. Its holders can stay in Thailand for up to 90 days, this visa is effective for the same amount of time - 3 months.

Non-Immigrant ED

The non-immigrant ED visa is for visa applicants willing to study in Thailand. It's a single-entry, is valid for 3 months, and lets stay for up to 90 days unless otherwise instructed by the Office of Immigration.

Qualified persons can get a visa extension for a year counting from the date of entry.

Non-Immigrant O

Non-immigrant O is issued for:

  • visiting the family of a Thai national (spouse, children, adopted children, parents);
  • voluntary (unpaid) work with NGO/Charity/Association;
  • being a contestant or a witness for the judicial process;
  • medical treatment;
  • diplomat's housekeeper;
  • nationals who have abandoned their Thai citizenship.

The visa stays valid for 3 months. The period of stay mustn't exceed 90 days.

Transit Visa

The transit visa should be obtained by persons wishing to enter Thailand for such purposes:

  • to get through Thailand to their next destination;
  • to participate in sports events whose duration is up to one month;
  • for persons in charge or crew of a conveyance coming to a port, station, or area in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Travelers with this visa category can stay in the country for up to 30 days within the validity period of 3 months.

Long-Stay eVisa

Long-stay visa is issued  in two categories:

  1. For foreigners aged 50 and above. For this visa category, an applicant must have permanent residence in the country where they submit an application. The period of validity and permitted stay in Thailand is one year. Its holders cannot be employed.
  2. For foreigners aged 50 and above from such countries as Japan, Australia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States of America; spouses and children under 20. With this visa category, a person can stay in the country for 5 years within a 5-year validity period, work as a volunteer, and purchase a vehicle and accommodation.

Smart eVisa

The smart visa is for foreign experts, executives, entrepreneurs, and investors intending to work or invest in the following industries:

  1. Next-Generation Automotive
  2. Smart Electronics
  3. Affluent, Medical and Wellness Tourism
  4. Agriculture and Biotechnology
  5. Food for the Future
  6. Automation and Robotics
  7. Aviation and Logistics
  8. Biofuels and Biochemicals
  9. Digital
  10. Medical Hub

Non-Immigrant F

It is possible to apply for a non-immigrant F visa to stay in Thailand for 3 months within the same validity period in order to:

  • work with the government, diplomatic mission, or an international organization in Thailand;
  • attend a meeting with a Thai agency or take part in an event organized by the Thai government;

The family of diplomatic officers/officials residing in Thailand can stay with a non-immigrant F type as with a dependent visa.

Diplomatic Visa/Official eVisa

The diplomatic/official visa can be obtained by diplomatic passport/red UN Laissez-Passer holders who enter Thailand for official duties or activities on behalf of their national government or international organization.

The period of stay for a diplomatic/official visa mustn't exceed 3 months (90 days) unless otherwise instructed by the Office of Immigration Bureau.

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