Tanzania Visa Types

Are you going to travel to Tanzania and therefore need a Tanzania visa?

There are several Tanzania visa types. Each type of visa serves a particular purpose, for example, allows its holders to visit the country for tourism, work, studies, transit, official duties, etc.

As the United Republic of Tanzania offers different visas, at first, it might be confusing for you to decide which one you should apply for.

Don't worry! This article will help you learn more about the Tanzania visa so that you can choose the relevant visa type for yourself. You can even apply for tourism and transit visas online on this website from the comfort of your home.

So go ahead and read about each type of Tanzania visa – e-Visa, ordinary, business, multiple-entry, transit, student, and gratis.


The Tanzania e-Visa enables eligible foreigners to get an entry permit entirely online if their travel is tourism- or transit-related.

Both e-Visas are single-entry, the transit one permits a 7-day visit, while with a tourist visa, one can stay in Tanzania for 30 days.

The e-Visa application process is uncomplicated and can be completed within a few minutes.

Ordinary visa

The ordinary visa is issued to foreign travelers willing to visit Tanzania for tourism, holidays, leisure, and seeing their family and friends.

It can also be used for medical treatment, as well as attending conferences, humanitarian and charity activities in Tanzania, or any other activity legally recognized by the Law.

It is a single-entry visa valid for 3 months that must be obtained by all people coming to Tanzania for tourism purposes (except for US citizens who need to apply for a multiple-entry one).

The necessary documents include:

  • the applicant's effective passport
  • a return ticket
  • a filled declaration form

Business visa

The business visa is given to those who enter Tanzania for the following matters:

  • short-term professional roles, for example, making feasibility studies, auditing accounts, organizing investments during the start-up period, setting up professionals and business contacts, etc.
  • special assignments such as fixing/repairing machines or running short-term training, etc.
  • other short-term legal business-related tasks are accepted by the country's laws and as may be determined by the issuing authority.

It can be used on a single-entry basis for a period not exceeding 90 days. Visa applicants must attach the following document:

  • the passport biographic data page
  • a return ticket
  • proof of the assignment to be conducted for a period of a maximum of three months

Multiple-entry visa

The multiple-entry visa is for those travelers who frequently go to the United Republic of Tanzania. The visa stays valid for up to one year, but each visit mustn't exceed 3 months.

This type of visa can be granted to such categories:

  • directors of Tanzanian companies who do not live in the country
  • individuals involved in bilateral meetings
  • persons married to Tanzanians citizens/residents
  • government consultants
  • international NGO’s representatives and any other individual as may be defined by the Commissioner General of Immigration or Commissioner of Immigration Zanzibar.
  • US citizens willing to travel to Tanzania for leisure purposes.

The required documents are the following:

  • a valid passport
  • an applicant's face photo
  • a return ticket
  • a covering letter from the company (for directors)
  • a registration/compliance certificate of the company (for directors)
  • BRELA documents (for directors)
  • a covering letter from a relevant government ministry or institution/from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation describing the bilateral agreement (for consultancy with government ministries/bilateral agreements)
  • an invitation letter from the spouse or child and their passport (for family visits)
  • a marriage certificate or birth certificate (for family visits)
  • a passport/national ID of the spouse/child, or effective residence permit if the spouse or child is a resident (for family visits).

Transit visa

The transit visa is an entry visa enabling passengers to pass through Tanzania to their next destination. The stay can be at most 7 days.

The transit visa application must be attached with such documents:

  • a valid passport
  • an entry visa to the next destination country (if necessary)
  • an onward ticket.

Student visa

The student visa can be obtained by foreign research students, interns, volunteering, exchange students and prospective students who have got admission to certified institutions in Tanzania.

The student visa can be obtained by foreign research students, interns, volunteering, exchange students and prospective students who have got admission to certified institutions in Tanzania.

The documents to submit a student visa application

  • the passport bio-data page
  • a covering letter from a receiving institution with details on the course and duration of the taken program

Gratis visa

The gratis Tanzania visa is issued to holders of diplomatic, services or official passports or travel documents of accredited international organizations who enter Tanzania on official duty.

Applicants need to present their valid passports.

Referral Cases

Citizens of some countries are not able to get a visa on arrival and fall under Referral Visa Category.

Such persons must apply for their Tanzania visa online and wait until their online application is approved before going on a trip to the United Republic of Tanzania.

Persons with refugee status and stateless persons who have Vienna Convention documents fall under the referral cases category as well.

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