Saudi Arabia Visa Types

There are two ways to enter Saudi Arabia - visa-free for visa-exempt countries passport holders and with a valid Saudi Arabia visa.

Saudi visa is available in numerous options. Visa types for Saudi Arabia differ depending on the purpose, planned period of stay, and application procedure.

An applicant can submit an application for an e-Visa online or attend an embassy or consulate to obtain other types of visas.

Follow the article to know more about each visa type.

Government Visa

A government visa is a short-term visa given by the government, so you are required to be invited by a Saudi Arabian Government Department or Institution.

To get this Saudi Arabia visa type, you must have an approved visa authorization letter from the Saudi Arabia Foreign Ministry. 

Diplomatic & Official Visas

Diplomatic and official visas are issued for those who are willing to attend meetings, negotiations, consultations, exchange programs, etc. in Saudi Arabia arranged by intergovernmental organizations.

Diplomatic Missions & Organizations

Diplomatic missions and organizations visas are designed for the purpose of visiting diplomatic missions and other organizations in Saudi Arabia.

The applicant's sponsor mission/organization must have authorization from the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Tourist Visa

A tourist visa is used by travelers for tourism purposes - such as sightseeing, vacation, leisure, and recreation. You can learn more about the history and culture of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia e-Visa

A Saudi Arabia e-Visa is an electronic visa implemented to make the application process easier. It serves tourist purposes, which also include the pilgrimage to Mecca.

It is a multiple-entry visa that permits one to stay in the country for up to 90 days (3 months) during the validity period of one year.

Business Visit Visa

A business visa enables its holders to visit Saudi Arabia short-term for business handling, negotiations, meetings, conferences, congresses, and related events.

You'll need such documents as an invitation letter from a Saudi Arabia company, an employment verification letter confirming the business purpose of travel on behalf of the company, as well as your employer's and invitation company's registration documents.

Employment Visa

An employment visa is for those who want to work in Saudi Arabia. In order to apply for this visa type, you must already have a job offer.

This Saudi Arabia visa requires you to attach many additional documents - a copy of the employment contract, certified and notarized copy of your university degree/diploma, medical report, police report, letter from the Saudi sponsoring company, power of attorney from the Saudi employer, and visa referral note issued by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs or its benches.

Residence Visa

The residence visa enables beneficiaries to enter their companions into the Kingdom. An applicant must present proof of kinship when accompanied by a family member: a copy of the marriage certificate for spouses and a copy of the birth certificate for children. 

Premium Residency Visa

The premium residency visa is aimed at highly skilled and wealthy foreign nationals, investors, and entrepreneurs.

This residence permit grants its holders the right to live, work and own business and property in Saudi Arabia without the need for a sponsor.

Newborn Visa

Saudi Arabia newborn visa can be issued for infants whose age doesn't exceed 1 year.

The application for this visa type requires a letter from the Saudi sponsor certified by the Saudi Chamber of Commerce. It should confirm the employment of either parent, job title, the number and expiry date of residence permit, and indicate that the sponsor has no objection to residing a baby in Saudi Arabia.

Extension of Exit/Re-Entry Visa

This Saudi visa is given to those who request to extend their exit and re-entry visas to lengthen their stay in the country.

Applicants must present a valid reason for the extension and prove that their Saudi Residence permit is still valid. For example, it could be a letter from the Saudi sponsor or consulate pointing out that the person is still employed and need the extension.

Family Visit Visa

A family visit visa is needed for a person who wants to visit their family members in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

An applicant must provide proof of relationship with an inviting party. If there are several applicants, they need to prove the relationship between themselves as well.

Companion Visa

A companion visa is granted to a person who is willing to accompany someone to Saudi Arabia. This visa can be issued to accompanying members (spouse of the visa applicant or underage children) of applicants of the Saudi commercial visa.

Companion visas do not give their holders the right to work or reside in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Personal Visit Visa

A personal visit visa service makes it possible to request visas for persons without business connections or family relationships with the originator.

Underage applicants traveling alone or with one parent have to submit a notarized letter in Arabic or English. It must be signed by a parent or a legal guardian.

Hajj and Umrah Visa 

The Saudi Arabia Haji and Umrah visa is granted to Muslim pilgrims from around the world who intend to enter Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj or Umrah.

This Saudi Arabia visa is issued free of charge at Saudi Arabia embassies and consulates. This religious journey can be completed anytime during the year.

Student Visa

A student visa can be obtained by people wishing to study in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To get this permit, a person has to be accepted in an educational institution in Saudi Arabia first.

An applicant's institution must submit an application for authorization of the student visa at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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