Saudi Arabia Arrival Registration

The Saudi Arabia Arrival Registration is an electronic travel registration required of every incoming visitor to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

The Arrival Registration KSA is available for travelers entirely online and requires providing a few personal, travel, health, and visa-related details, as well as the traveler's passport number.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia introduced the requirement of completing the Arrival Registration procedures for foreign tourists and Saudi residents to ensure every visit to the country is safe to the general public.

Although the Covid-19 restrictions to Saudi Arabia have been lifted, the Arrival Registration is still obligatory for both vaccinated and not-vaccinated travelers visiting Saudi.

The Saudi Arabia Registration must be completed within 72 hours of the planned arrival. However, the process of completing the Arrival Registration form should not start earlier than 72 hours of the planned arrival. The KSA Government stipulated such a time period to ensure the provided by travelers data will be relevant and recent.

To complete the Saudi Arabia Arrival Registration make sure that you have a stable internet connection, a valid passport, a Saudi Arabia eVisa issued (if required by nationality), basic travel-related details, such as the flight number or date of arrival, and fill out the form with the required data online.

A PDF confirmation of completing the KSA Arrival Registration will reach each traveler via email after submitting the online application form.

Requirements to complete the Saudi Arabia Arrival Registration

Technical Requirements

  • an active email address - to receive the processed Saudi Arabia Arrival Registration
  • internet connection - since the process of applying takes place online
  • any working device to complete the application process, can be a phone, laptop, PC, or tablet

Required Documents

  • a valid passport
  • an Iqama - required only of Saudi residents completing the registration
  • valid eVisa - if required by the traveler's nationality (citizens from nearly 50 countries must apply for the Saudi eVisa before visiting KSA)

Required Information

  • Personal details, such as the traveler's name, date of birth, nationality, passport number
  • Arrival and travel details - a type of arrival (air/land/sea), arrival date and destination, country of departure
  • Flight details - flight number, airline name
  • Visa details - visa number (if a visa is required based on the traveler's nationality)

Saudi Arabia Arrival Registration Types

Types of the Arrival Registration for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

  • Vaccinated Visitor
  • Not Vaccinated Visitor
  • Medical Visitor (available for Bahrain citizens visiting Saudi Arabia by land for medical treatment)
  • Vaccinated Resident
  • Not Vaccinated Resident
  • Domestic Labor Arriving with a Saudi Citizen

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides several types of the Electronic Registration for Arrival, differing depending on the traveler's vaccination status, residency status, or purpose of visit.

However, the form itself does not differ much between the available Arrival Registration types.

How to apply for the Saudi Arabia Arrival Registration

A step-by-step guide on applying for the Saudi Arrival Registration:

  1. Provide the required data into the online application form (personal details, travel-related information, passport number, arrival details)
  2. Thoroughly check the completed application form to make sure every piece of information provided is correct
  3. Submit your application form
  4. Cover the service fee applicable when applying using our expert eVisa and travel documents service
  5. Check your email inbox for the PDF confirmation of the completed Arrival Registration

Additional information to provide for:

  • Fully vaccinated travelers - vaccination details
  • Saudi Arabia residents - the Iqama number
  • eVisa/Visa holders - visa number

What happens after applying

After submitting the Electronic Registration for travel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, travelers receive a PDF confirmation of completing the form via email.

Make sure to provide a correct and active email address when filling out the KSA Arrival Registration application form to receive the PDF confirmation with no issues.

Saudi Arabia Covid Entry Requirements

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has lifted all Covid-19 entry requirements, allowing both vaccinated and non-vaccinated travelers to visit its territory.

The only requirement left in place is completing the KSA Electronic Arrival Registration within 72 hours of the planned arrival.

Benefits of applying for the Saudi Arabia Arrival Registration with Evisa Express

Applying for the KSA Arrival Registration with Evisa Express makes the whole process much easier. You will get:

  • all the KSA-Registration information available in five languages (English, Polish, German, Chinese, and Spanish)
  • a simplified, more intuitive application form
  • guidance and support of our experts
  • the application process with the KSA Government handled on your behalf

Frequently asked questions

  • When to complete the Saudi Arabia Arrival Registration?

    The Saudi Arabia Registration must be completed within 72 hours of one's planned arrival into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Do not start the process of applying earlier than 72 hours before the intended time of arrival in Saudi to make sure the provided information will be up-to-date and relevant for the KSA Government.

  • How to complete the KSA Arrival Registration application form?

    Completing the KSA Arrival Registration is extremely simple and required travelers to provide the required data into an online application form. Carefully provide the needed information while making sure to not make any spelling mistakes since all the given details must be correct. Next, submit the completed form and wait for the PDF confirmation to be delivered via email.

  • Who needs to apply for the KSA Arrival Registration?

    The KSA Arrival Registration is an obligatory document for foreign travelers and Saudi residents wishing to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Both vaccinated and non-vaccinated travelers and Saudi residents must fill out the KSA Registration application form within 72 hours of their planned arrival in Saudi.

  • Do children need the KSA Registration to enter Saudi Arabia

    Children do need the KSA Registration to enter Saudi Arabia. Underage travelers should be listed as dependents by their parents/legal guardians completing the Arrival Registration form. In such a case, it is the responsibility of the adult completing the form to provide accurate and correct data.

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