Rwanda Visa Types

Citizens of most countries need a visa to Rwanda, as the list of passports with visa-free access to this country is not big.

There are different types of visas according to the purpose of travel and planned period of stay.

People who don't intend to reside in Rwanda for an extended period of time and just want to have a short visit to the country apply for a tourist visa.

A tourist type is available in the following visa classes: single-entry visa, multiple-entry visa, transit visa, tourist visa, family visa, visiting diplomat visa, single-entry conference visa, multiple-entry conference visa, business visa, medical treatment visa, group tourist visa, and East Africa visa.

Depending on the citizenship and the chosen visa class, a traveler may apply for a visa online, at a Rwandan diplomatic mission, or at the Directorate General’s Client Service Center in Kigali.

Single entry e-Visa

A single entry electronic visa to Rwanda (class V1 (s)) is issued to foreigners who want to visit the country for any purpose other than work.

It is single-entry and permits to stay in the country for 30 days. If a person wants to remain in Rwanda for longer, after they have entered Rwanda, they should choose another class of visa.

Multiple entry e-Visa

The information about a single-entry visa applies to a multiple-entry visa (class V1 (m)), except that holders of a multiple-entry one can travel to Rwanda numerous times within a 30-day period.

Transit Visa

A transit visa (class Q1) is designed for transiting throughout Rwanda in order to get to the next destination.

This visa class allows one entry, and a period of stay cannot exceed 72 hours.

Travelers willing to apply must have a confirmed onward booking from Rwanda to a third country or other acceptable plans to depart Rwanda within the required period.

In exceptional circumstances, a new transit visa can be issued for the next 72 hours.

Tourist Visa

A tourist visa (class T2) permits travelers to visit Rwanda for leisure, holidays and recreation, or for visiting family and friends for a short time.

This visa type enables its holders to enter Rwanda numerous times during the validity period of 90 days.

A tourist visa may be extended for 90 days more at the Client Service Center of the Director General in Kigali.

Family Visa

A family visa (class T3) is intended for persons wishing to visit their relatives residing and working in Rwanda.

The visa may be issued for multiple entries if an applicant provides evidence of intent to exit and enter Rwanda more than three times for family-related purposes.

It stays effective for 90 days and may be maximally extended for up to 9 months.

Visiting Diplomat

This type of Rwanda visa (class T4) is for diplomats visiting the country for official purposes.

It is a multiple-entry visa, with its validity lasting for 2 years. Each visit mustn't exceed 90 days.

It allows to work for the purpose of the visit and bring dependents if the official visit requires so.

The visa cannot be extended. To remain in the country, a diplomat must apply for a new appropriate visa.

Single Entry – Conference

A conference visa (Class T6-1) is designed for participants of conferences, meetings, workshops, or seminars.

This type is single-entry and stays valid for 30 days.

In order to change the status and stay in Rwanda for an extended period, a person must get another relevant visa while their current visa remains effective.

Multiple Entry – Conference

A class T6-2 conference visa serves the same purposes as a class T6-1 visa but allows multiple entries.

In contrast to a single-entry conference visa, this class can only be issued at the Rwandan diplomatic mission or at the Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration.


A business visa (class T7) is granted to prospective investors, entrepreneurs, or traders to visit Rwanda and explore its business opportunities.

The visa stays valid for 30 days and can be used for numerous entries.

A business class visa may be extended once.

Tourist – Medical Treatment

A medical visa (class T8) is issued to persons who need medical treatment or consultation and have an appointment to a public health facility or private clinic signed by a competent medical practitioner of that facility in Rwanda.

Applicants must be able to confirm that they have realistic plans to come back to their home country.

An accompanying person can be granted the same class of visa.

The validity is 90 days. During this period, a visa holder can enter the country numerous times.

Medical visas may be extended for one period of up to 90 days by applying to the Directorate General. The fee for the visa extension is Rwf 10,000.

Tourist – Group Tourist

A group tourist visa (class T9) is given to each member of the group of four to ten tourists individually or organized by a tour operator registered to operate in Rwanda.

Holders of this type must enter Rwanda with other members of the group and exit the country also as members of the group.

A tourist group visa is multiple-entry and stays effective for 90 days.

To extend the visa, tour operators must submit an application for the whole group at one time. The maximum length of the extension is 180 days.

East Africa Tourist Visa

East African visa (T12) is intended for travelers who want to visit the Republic of Kenya, the Republic of Rwanda, and the Republic of Uganda simultaneously for tourism.

The visa holders must enter East Africa from the country that issued the visa.

During the 90-day validity period, it is allowed to move within the two other countries multiple times without applying for another visa or paying another visa fee.

East Africa visa is not to be extended.

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