Romania Visa Types

Unless a person can enjoy visa-free access to Romania, they need to submit a visa application for one of the Romanian visas.

There are the airport transit visa A and transit visa B, all other visas to Romania can be divided into short-term and long-term ones. Short-term visas are usually effective for up to 90 days. Those who need to spend more time in the country should apply for a long-term visa.

Short-term visas are issued for such matters as official missions, tourism, private visits, business trips, transport, sports, cultural, scientific and humanitarian activities, as well as short-term medical treatment or any other activities that do not breach Romanian laws.

Tourist, business, and transit visas can be obtained online through an easy visa application process.

Long-term visas include visas for economic, professional, commercial, religious activities, employment, secondment, studies, scientific research, diplomatic and service purposes.

Get more details on Romania visa types below.

Romania e-Visa

Eligible citizens can apply for a Romania e-Visa. It is available online after completing a few simple steps.

An applicant should provide some personal and travel information, upload the requested document, and cover the processing visa. The approval will come as a PDF document to the applicant's email account.

The Romania e-Visa can be obtained for short-term tourism, business, and transit visits.

The airport transit visa

The airport transit visa (A) is a Romanian visa that permits its holders to transit through the international transit areas of airports of Romania without entering the territory of Romania. It can be granted by diplomatic missions and consular posts.

The transit visa

The Romania transit visa (B) lets travelers enter Romania to get to their next destination. It can be single-entry, double-entry, or multiple-entry. Each stay must be at most 5 days.

The short-stay visa

Official missions

The short-stay visa for official missions (C/M) is obtained by people holding official positions in governments, public administrations, or international organizations and their family members. Their trip must be related to political, administrative, or public reasons.


The tourist visa (C/TU) is designed for sightseeing, exploring Romania, and other leisure purposes. The visa application for this type requires proof of an itinerary describing the trip.

Private visits

The short-stay visa for private visits (C/VV) is given to foreigners who are willing to visit Romania to see their family members or friends who are Romanian citizens or have Romanian permanent residence.

Business trips

The Romanian visa for business trips (C/A) allows individuals to attend conferences, business meetings, congresses, and trade fairs. It is also issued for staff training, negotiations, and contracts, checking the goods through industrial cooperation and commercial contract. Foreign nationals to become shareholders or associates within Romanian company.


The transport visa (C/TR) is for third-countries nationals who need to come to Romania for a short time to perform cargo and transportation activities.


The sports short-time visa (C/SP) is issued for persons intending to enter Romania to participate in sports events or competitions.

An applicant must have documents proving their profession and planned activity in Romania.

Cultural, scientific and humanitarian activities, as well as short-term medical treatment or any other activities that do not breach Romanian laws

The C/ZA visa type is a short-time visa for foreign citizens wishing to go to Romania to engage in cultural, scientific, humanitarian, and other activities that do not violate Romanian laws.

People who need to undertake medical treatment in Romania should also apply for this type of visa.

The long-stay visa

Economic activities

The visa for economic activities (D/AE) is a long-term visa permitting to carry out economic activities in Romania as organized and regulated through special legislation.

Professional activities

The professional activities visa (D/AP) is obtained to exercise liberal professions on the territory of Romania as regulated through special legislation.

Commercial activities

The commercial activities visa (D/AC) is a long-term visa for those who are going to be shareholders or associates in management and administrative positions.


The employment visa (D/AM) must be obtained by people who want to be employed in Romania.

Athletes playing in clubs or teams on the grounds of an individual work contract or of a legal agreement should also get an employment visa.


The secondment visa (D/DT) is a Romanian visa granted to foreign citizens that are to carry out lucrative activities in Romania with a beneficiary of the provided services.

The authorization for secondment issued in accordance with the provisions of special legislation on the employment and secondment of aliens in Romania.


The studies visa (D/DS) is issued to persons who want to take pre-graduate, graduate, and postgraduate studies and those who will apply as students, trainees, and pupils.

Applicants must present proof of acceptance for studies from the Romanian Ministry of Education, certifying that the studies visa applicant will take a full-time course of study at a state or private higher education institution authorized according to Law.

Religious activities

The religious activities visa (D/AR) is a type of visa for a long-term stay requested by citizens of a third state, who wish to come to Romania to conduct activities in a field of recognized faiths.

A person applying must prove their status as a representative of a religious organization legally founded in Romania.

Scientific research

The scientific research visa (D/CS) is a long-term permit to stay in Romania to do scientific research on the basis of the endorsement of the Ministry of Research and Innovation and of the General Inspectorate for Immigration.

The endorsement must be requested by certified research and development units and institutions.

Diplomatic and service

The diplomatic and service visas enable holders of diplomatic and official passports to have long-term residence on the territory of Romania.

Applicants must exercise an official function as members of the staff of foreign diplomatic missions and consular posts certified in Romania.

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