Oman eVisa for UAE Citizens

Oman authorities decided to introduce an electronic visa system in 2018. Its implementation was aimed at facilitating and speeding up the entire process of getting a visa to Oman. UAE citizens can apply online and avoid the troublesome procedures related to the traditional visa application.

As the United Arab Emirates is a GCC country, UAE residents and citizens have certain requirements to meet to be able to obtain an Oman visa online. Namely, their profession must be accepted by the Government of Oman and included on the approved occupation list.

Oman eVisa for UAE citizens is recognized on equal terms as a regular Embassy visa. Nevertheless, following the electronic Oman visa application process is much faster, easier, and cheaper. What is more, an electronic visa allows traveling to Oman without the need to bother yourself to obtain a visa upon arrival in the country.

UAE residents and citizens can make a trip to Oman with an approved eVisa for tourism or business reasons.

How to apply for an eVisa to Oman from UAE?

Evisa Express also makes sure the speediness of visa issuance by reducing the number of the required steps to an absolute minimum. All you have to do is click on the 'Apply Online' button and you will be redirected to the page with an online form. The form consists of three steps, which are as follows:

  1. Enter the required information: Fill out all boxes of the online application form. The required details comprise your personal data, passport details, as well as travel information. Make sure that all the entered data is correct, and then go to the second step.
  2. Pay the Oman eVisa processing fee: You can pay the processing fee using any online payment form available in the online application form. 
  3. Go to your email inbox: After submitting your eVisa application, you should receive confirmation via email. The confirmation number may be used to check the status of your application. Another message containing a PDF with your electronic Oman visa will be delivered to your inbox once processed.

Oman eVisa processing time and fees for UAE citizens


Starting from the moment when the applicant submits the application, the time needed to process it is 72 business hours. However, many applicants can receive approval much earlier as theaverage processing time for the Oman eVisa is only 31 hours


The prices of the eVisa to Oman vary between three available visa types:

  • single-entry: for a stay of 10 days: 69 Euro
  • single-entry: for a stay of 30 days: 99 Euro
  • multiple-entry: for stays up to 30 days: 149 Euro

United Arab Emirates residents and citizens can pay the processing fee using a credit or debit card or any other available form of online payment.

How long can UAE citizens stay in Oman with an eVisa?

United Arab Emirates citizens and residents are allowed to make either a 10-day or a 30-day stay in Oman when choosing a single-entry visa. Those who obtained a multiple-entry visa to Oman can stay up to 30 days upon each entry to the country. 

Single-entry visas are issued for 1 month, while multiple-entry visas stay effective for 1 year.

Please note that the validity period is counted from the date of issue of your eVisa.

Oman eVisa requirements for UAE citizens


  • a valid passport (bio-data page)
  • face photograph (can be taken using a phone or a PC camera)
  • GCC visa photo
  • GCC ID (photo showing its both sides)


  • A visa applicant from UAE must choose their profession from the approved list in the online form.
  • A passport of every applicant cannot expire within at least 180 days from the intended date of arrival in Oman.
  • The documents necessary for the visa application process may be attached as digital copies or photos taken with a PC or phone camera.
  • Please remember that an application needs to be submitted 3 business days prior to your planned Omani trip.
  • UAE residents and citizens must remember that they cannot be on the territory of Oman when applying for an online visa to this country.
  • Any changes made to your passport or its expiration make your electronic visa immediately invalid
  • Holders of an Oman eVisa cannot use it for employment purposes.

Is it safe to use Evisa Express to get an Oman eVisa?

Evisa Express provides security thanks to cutting-edge technology, which includes SSL certificates on sites where personal data is collected and fraud protection is applied via special algorithms that act according to customer needs and provide extra verification against possible dangers.

Customers are under full protection during the online application process. So you may relax when submitting your passport information or other private details, knowing that they will not get into the wrong hands

If something goes wrong during applying, please be aware that all problems will be resolved by contacting Evisa Express’s customer support team

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