Oman eVisa for Indian Citizens

Since 2018, Oman has been offering electronic visas to citizens of many countries worldwide. The introduction of the electronic visa application facilitates and speeds up all the formalities that can now be handled entirely online.

Indian citizens can apply for a conditional Oman eVisa that additionally requires them to be holders of a visa or resident permit of one of the specified countries.

Oman eVisa for Indian citizens enables making a trip to explore the tourist side of the country or handle various business affairs in Oman. There is no need to visit the Oman Embassy and arrange a visa in person.

Apply for Oman visa online and save much time and energy!

How to apply for an eVisa to Oman from India?

The application steps were reduced to a minimum to enable a quick and pleasant process of obtaining a visa to Oman online. Every applicant only needs to go through three steps, which are as follows:

  1. Providing the required details: Complete every box with the required data, like personal details, travel information, passport number, etc. Before you go to the next step, check twice whether all the details are correct. Mistakes made in your online application may extend its processing time.
  2. Covering the eVisa fee: Pay the fee for your Oman eVisa. The cost depends on the type of visa you wish to obtain.
  3. Checking your email inbox: Soon after paying the fee, you will get the number confirming that your application has been submitted. Make sure that this email was delivered to your inbox. Your Oman eVisa will also be sent to your email address as soon as the Oman authorities approve it. 

Print out your approved Oman eVisa and prepare to show it along with your Indian passport when entering Oman.

Oman eVisa processing time and fees for Indian citizens


The processing time for applications may vary from person to person but can last up to 72 business hours.

It is also important to mention that applicants may get approval earlier. The average processing time for eVisas to Oman is 31 hours.


Indian citizens can choose from three types of Oman eVisa available. Every type requires a different fee:

  • a 10-day single-entry visa: 69 Euro
  • a 30-day single-entry visa: 99 Euro
  • a multiple-entry visa: 149 Euro

There are many online payment methods available that all applicants can choose from to cover the processing fee.

How long can Indian citizens stay in Oman with an eVisa?

Indian nationals can plan a stay in Oman for either 10 days or 30 days with a single-entry visa that allows entering Oman once. In turn, holders of multiple-entry visas to Oman can enter the country numerous times as long as their visa and passport are valid, with each stay up to 1 month long.

Single-entry visas remain effective for 30 days, and multiple-entry permits are issued for 365 days.

Please remember that the validity period of an Oman online visa starts on its issuance date.

Oman eVisa requirements for Indian citizens


Every applicant from India must attach the following:

  • bio-data page of a valid passport 
  • face photograph
  • valid visa from one of the member countries of the Schengen Area, the UK, the US, Japan, Australia, or Canada
  • an onward or a return ticket (only required for multiple-entry visa applications)
  • confirmation of a booked hotel accommodation in Oman (only required for multiple-entry applications) 

All the copies of the documents mentioned above may have the form of pictures taken using a PC webcam or a phone camera.


  • Indian nationals should note that the Oman electronic visa serves business and tourism purposes but does not function as a working permit
  • Indian passport holders must be outside of Oman when they apply for their online visas. 
  • All Indian citizens need to remember to apply online at least 3 business days in advance.
  • In case of the applicant's passport expiration or any data change, an online visa to Oman becomes immediately expired.
  • Every day spent in the Sultanate of Oman after visa expiration will be fined 10 OMR
  • Entering Oman only for transit purposes does not require having a visa, as long as a traveler has a copy of a ticket confirming the onward trip and the transit stop will not exceed 6 hours. For a transit longer than 6 hours, Indian citizens need to obtain an Oman eVisa.

Is it safe to use Evisa Express to get an Oman eVisa?

Evisa Express guarantees the security of the services provided. Using the latest technology, like the SSL certificate, we can ensure that all data is collected and processed in the safest manner possible. There are no chances that the personal data of our customers will get into unauthorized hands

Prepare all the necessary documents, get your electronic device, sit back in your chair and apply for your Oman visa online! Should you have some questions or encounter problems when submitting your application form, please do not hesitate to contact our helpdesk.

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