Oman eVisa for UK Citizens

In 2018, the Omani authorities implemented the electronic visa system to simplify the application process for a visa to Oman as well as shorten the processing time. Nationals of the United Kingdom are eligible for an eVisa to Oman, which means they do not need to visit Oman Embassy.

Oman eVisa for UK citizens comes in the form of either a single-entry or multiple-entry permit, and its holder may use it only for tourism-related activities. Exploring Oman tourist attractions can now be more accessible than ever with an eVisa obtainable entirely online!

British citizens need to go through a very quick and intuitive online application to obtain an Oman visa online. It should not take more than 15 minutes, and within maximally 3 business days, applicants can enjoy the approved travel documentdelivered directly to their email address. All this without even stepping foot out of their home in the United Kingdom!

How to apply for an eVisa to Oman from the UK?

Prepare your valid British passport, a face photograph, and any working device with an internet connection. To successfully complete the online visa application, you only need to go through the following steps carefully:

  1. Firstly, decide which type of eVisa to Oman will fit your travel needs best, and click the 'Apply Online' button on the left-hand side panel. You will be automatically redirected to the online form, which needs to be filled out with some of your personal and passport details and crucial information concerning your trip to Oman. After entering all the required data, make sure you have not made any mistakes. Next, go to the second step.
  2. Cover the Oman eVisa application fee, which varies depending on the selected online visa type. Go to your inbox and check whether the confirmation number is already there.
  3. Maximally within 72 business hours, the Oman eVisa will be delivered to your email address. Do not forget to print out the approved eVisa and take it with you for your trip to Oman.

Oman eVisa processing time and fees for UK citizens


From the moment of submitting your application, the standard processing time to review it is 3 business days. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you cannot receive your eVisa earlier. Our applicants can enjoy earlier arrival, on average, within 31 business hours.


As there are three types of Oman eVisa, there are also three different prices:

  • a single-entry permit allowing a stay of 10 days: 69 Euro
  • a single-entry permit allowing a stay of 30 days: 99 Euro
  • a multiple-entry permit allowing each stay up to 30 days: 149 Euro

British passport holders can cover the fee using one of many available, secure methods of online payment.

How long can UK citizens stay in Oman with an eVisa?

British citizens can stay in Oman with a single-entry visa for either 10 days or 30 days. Holders of multiple-entry visas are allowed up to a 1-month stay each time they visit Oman. In the case of single-entry permits, its validity period is 30 days, while multiple-entry visas are issued for one year.

Please remember that the validity period starts to be counted on the day your visa is issued.

Oman eVisa requirements for UK citizens


British nationals simply need to prepare the following documents:

  • a digital copy of a valid passport (bio-data page)
  • a face photo of the applicant


  • UK nationals must remember to apply for their eVisa to Oman at least 3 business days prior to the intended travel to Oman.
  • Every applicant for an electronic visa to Oman needs to stay outside Oman to complete the application process. Moreover, a holder of a valid online visa cannot apply for the next one until the valid one expires.
  • Any changes in passport data or its expiration automatically make your online visa invalid.
  • Every UK passport holder overstaying the visa to Oman can be punished with a fine of 10 OMR for every single day of overstay.
  • Please note that the Oman online visa does not cover taking up employment in Oman. It serves only leisure-related activities. For employment purposes, you will need to visit the Embassy of Oman in the United Kingdom and obtain a standard visa there.

Is it safe to use Evisa Express to get an Oman eVisa?

Yes, it is! It is both a safe and quick way to get the necessary visa to Oman on time. Choosing Evisa Express to apply for your visa, you may be sure that professionals will handle all the formalities for you! You do not need to do anything else than fill out an online visa form.

Should you encounter any problems or just have a visa-related question, do not forget that you can always contact our helpdesk. We are here to provide you with the best eVisa experience possible!

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