Vietnamese Island Phu Quoc Reopening for Tourists

The Vietnamese authorities plan to reopen one of the country's islands. The Phu Quoc will welcome fully vaccinated international tourists this November.

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Vietnam has announced to reopen one of its islands soon. The Phu Quoc island is planned to welcome foreign tourists in November. By reopening the Phu Quoc, the Vietnamese authorities make an attempt to revive the country?s economy and tourism industry that have been severely impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and extended lockdown.

The Phu Quoc, which is spread 6 miles of the Cambodian coast, is to be re-opened initially for a 6-month trial period; the Vietnamese officials revealed such information on Sept. 9th. 

Phu Quoc trial program details

The Vietnamese borders have been remaining closed to all international travelers since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. For the time being, the only group allowed to enter the country are returning Vietnamese citizens and investors. Due to the prolonged lockdown, the tourism industry in Vietnam has suffered significantly. The country?s authorities believe that the trial program to open Phu Quoc may attract up to 3 million visitors by the end of 2021. Phu Quoc was chosen as a primary island for the reopening pilot program since it is a destination that could be easily isolated in case the COVID-19 situation gets worse after the tourism reinforcement. 

A 6-month trial pilot program is to be divided into two phases. The first one assumes to allow 2,000-3,000 tourists monthly for 3 months. The visitors will travel to the island on charter flights operating from certain locations. The second phase will extend the number of visitors to 5,000-10,000 per month. The travelers will fly to the island via commercial flights

New travel regulations to enter Phu Quoc

Flying to Phu Quoc will be possible on commercial or chartered flights. Nevertheless, before the island reopens, the Vietnamese government plans to vaccinate all Phu Quoc residents. Obviously, international travelers willing to enter Phu Quoc island will need to meet certain requirements, which include: 

  • to be fully vaccinated (at least 14 weeks prior to the entry to Vietnam and no earlier than 12 months before the planned trip) 
  • to have a PCR test (confirming negative result) taken within 72 hours before departure flight 
  • to undergo some additional health screenings upon arrival in Phu Quoc (detailed information will be revealed soon) 

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