Since March 2020, the Malaysian government has been maintaining one of the tightest entry restrictions across Asia aimed at minimizing the spread of the coronavirus.

Most foreign visitors were not allowed to enter the country while returning Malaysian citizens were required to undergo quarantine after arrival. 

Malaysia will fully reopen its borders in April. Quarantine-free entry will be possible for visitors who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Transition to endemic coronavirus phase

Starting from the 1st April 2022, Malaysia will begin the transition from pandemic to the endemic phase of the coronavirus. 

The decision to allow vaccinated travelers to enter the country without quarantine is inspired by the governmental decisions of other countries like Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Vaccinated travelers to these countries do not need to undergo quarantine but must perform pre-arrival and post-arrival COVID-19 tests

Travelers to Malaysia now will need to be tested 48 hours before departure and within 24 hours after arrival

All remaining coronavirus-related restrictions on businesses are also planned to be lifted, including restoring the full capacity in public places and regular opening hours as they used to be before the coronavirus outbreak. This way, Malaysia is gradually restoring the pre-pandemic normality. 

Wearing face masks will remain mandatory in public spaces and foreign visitors will still need to download a government app

Those travelers who do not come from visa-free countries should also remember to obtain a Malaysian visa before a trip. 

Current coronavirus situaton in Malaysia

79,6% of the entire Malaysian population have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus, with 99% of adult Malaysians who have been administered two COVID-19 vaccination doses. The Malaysian government has also started a vaccination campaign targeted at children between 5-11 years of age

In recent weeks, the number of new cases has risen sharply to around  25,000 per day due to the Omicron variant. However, less than 1% of the cases have been classified as serious.

Katarzyna Żyła

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